[Latest Edition] From Hand-Formed to Nori-Wrapped Sushi! 6 Must-Try Sushi From Japanese Convenience Stores

Have you ever eaten sushi bought from a convenience store? Convenience stores in Japan actually sell various types of sushi these days, including nigiri-zushi (sushi formed by hand) and maki-zushi (rolled in seaweed). Below are six of the most recommended convenience store sushi treats!



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1. Salmon Zukushi (FamilyMart)

Salmon Zukushi (398 JPY (incl. tax)) will treat you to three kinds of salmon, a popular sushi topping that is one of the top three toppings in Japan! This product comes with three kinds of salmon: the fatty rainbow trout, harasu (belly), and the fragrant grilled harasu. Some people may be concerned about salmon being too fatty, but did you know that it actually works to reduce the fat in your body? No wonder it has been enjoying a surge in popularity for its benefits to dieting. It is also easy on the stomach, so you can eat it without hesitation!

2. Negitoro Maki (FamilyMart)

If you’re looking for sushi that will let you easily enjoy the taste of tuna, known as the king of sushi toppings, then Negitoro Maki (398 JPY (incl. tax)) is the one for you. Negitoro refers to tuna that has been made into paste so that you can taste the sweetness of the tuna fat even more. This sushi is prepared in an easy-to-eat size, so even those who are not used to sushi can eat with ease. Here’s a tip! If you chop green onions and put it on top of this sushi, it will add a new texture to the soft negitoro to make it more delicious.

3. Inari-zushi Set of 3 (FamilyMart)

Inari-zushi Set of 3 (200 JPY (incl. tax)) is the kind of sushi that will fill your palette with a sweet, juicy stock. Inari-zushi is sushi that is made by boiling aburaage (thin deep-fried tofu) in soy sauce, sugar, and soup stock, and then filling that aburaage with sushi rice (i.e. vinegared rice). It is a traditional food that has been loved by the Japanese people since the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The plump sushi rice is very shiny and has the best kind of smooth feel to the tongue. The sweetness of the aburaage is the perfect match to the acidity of the sushi rice!

4. Temaki Sushi Natto (FamilyMart)

If you’re looking for sushi that’s easy to eat, you might want to try the Temaki Sushi Natto (138 JPY (incl. tax)). Temaki sushi is a kind of sushi that is made by putting ingredients on sushi rice and then rolling and wrapping that sushi rice with nori (dried seaweed) on the outside. As this sushi is easy to enjoy, it’s also often made at home. For this particular product, the sushi topping is natto (fermented soybeans) which is said to be the comfort food of Japanese people! Natto may have a unique smell and texture, but why not try to sample its delicious taste through this sushi?

5. Ebi Gomoku Chirashi-zushi (7-Eleven)

If you want to savor a slightly luxurious convenience store sushi, then you have to try Ebi Gomoku Chirashi-zushi (398 JPY (incl. tax))! Chirashi-zushi refers to the kind of sushi in which various ingredients are placed on top of sushi rice. In this product, shrimps, boiled bamboo shoots, vinegared lotus root, eggs, and various other ingredients are combined and arranged into a colorful fare. It’s a luxurious dish where you can enjoy sushi and vegetables!

6. Tuna and Kanikama Salad Maki (Lawson)

Even if you are not really into sushi, you will still find the Tuna and Kanikama Salad Maki (298 JPY (incl. tax)) delicious for sure! Salad maki is a kind of rolled sushi that is filled with cucumber, kanikama (crab-flavored fish paste), and ingredients like tuna mixed in mayonnaise. This product has three tuna-mayonnaise rolls and two kanikama rolls. It does not use raw ingredients, so even children can eat it without worry.

Was there a sushi you liked? Convenience store sushi has become high quality! So, make sure to check them out.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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