5 Popular Japanese Lip Balms to Keep Your Lips Hydrated

'Tis the season... for dry lips. Since drugstores carry a variety of lip care products, it's easy to be unsure about which one is the best to buy. This article is for this kind of situation, introducing five recommended lip balms for you to try! Give these products a try for daily lip care!




1. DHC Lip Cream

You can expect DHC Lip Cream to do a great job of moisturizing your lips. This highly popular product has already sold more than 110 million bottles. Extra virgin olive oil, which is well-known as a natural beauty oil, as well as aloe extract and vitamin E are among the ingredients found in this lip balm that are essential to keeping your lips moisturized. The oils and fats used are similar to natural human oils, meaning it naturally coats your lips without any stickiness. It can also be applied on top of lipstick, making it perfect for those who want to rehydrate their skin without ruining their makeup!

Reference Price: 700 JPY (excl. tax)

2. The Public Organic Essential Oil Lipstick

The Public Organic Essential Oil Lipstick is a blend made 100% with natural essential oils. Natural vegetable oils gently gloss over dried lips. Peppermint, lavender, and grapefruit fragrances are available. This refreshing scents will help you relax. A series with colors is also available.

Reference Price: 610 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip Bordeaux

Get a hold of Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip Bordeaux, which will give your lips that glossy color. You can expect plenty of hydration from this product packed with moisturizing ingredients, and it'll also give you those gorgeous, glossy colors. With this product, you can both color your lips and keep them healthy at the same time! You can feel the gentleness of its moisturizing agents the very moment it hits your lips. This handy product also features 2 in 1 protection from both dryness and UV rays, thanks to its UV-cutting ingredients.

Reference Price: 711 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Melty Cream Lip

Melty Cream Lip reacts to your body's natural heat so as to melt smoothly. "Moisture Bank Technology" reacts to the moisture in the air and the moisture of your lips to trap the moisture, ensuring that your lips stay hydrated and don't feel dry at all. Choose from four different fragrances: scentless, milk vanilla, rich honey, and matcha. This product is highly recommended for those who are primarily concerned about how dry their lips are. Give Melty Cream Lip a try, the lip balm that boasts the highest level of moisturizing in series history!

Reference Price: 537 JPY (incl. tax)

5. Curel Lip Care Stick

Even those with sensitive skin can use Curel Lip Care Sticks without worry, as it causes very little irritation. You wouldn't be alone in worrying about super dry and cracked lips. This product's moisturizing ingredients penetrate your skin's outermost cell layer, protecting cracked lips caused by severe dryness and allowing your lips to continue to feel moisturized. This is one lip balm you'll definitely want to have on you for daily skin care, and you can even use it as a base layer before applying lipstick.

Reference price: 935 JPY (incl. tax)

Did you find a new lip balm you'd like? All of these products can be found at drugstores across the country, so be sure to pick one up and give it a try. Your lips will never become dry again!


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