Top 5 Japanese Cereals to Try for Breakfast: Kinako Flavored, Gluten-Free, and More!

Cereals are popular in Japan as handy and nutritious breakfasts to enjoy during the busy morning. Supermarket shelves are stacked with a variety of different cereals, so this article introduces some to try while in Japan. They are also recommended as souvenirs!




Cereals in Japan

What do you plan to have for breakfast while traveling in Japan? Possibilities include Japanese-style breakfasts with rice, miso soup, and fish and Western-style breakfasts with scrambled eggs and bacon. Cafes that open early often offer "morning sets" that consist of drinks and a pastry.
This article focuses on cereals, which are also popular for breakfast in Japan.
Cereals that are commonly eaten in Japan include corn flakes, granola (made from oats), and bran flakes (made from the outer layers of grain).
A domestic brand of corn flakes was first introduced in Japan in 1929. Nihon Shokuhin Sangyo (or "Nisshoku"), which still manufactures corn flakes, was the first to make them using ingredients including corn from Hokkaido. Today, fiber-rich cereals with reduced sugar and fat are popular. Japanese cereals continue to evolve as a healthy breakfast.

1. Frugra (Calbee)

Frugra is a popular cereal in Japan. The aroma of toasted brown rice and oats, accented by small pieces of dried fruits, makes it a cereal you won't get tired of! It is packed with fibers and iron.

800g, 790 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Premium Cornflakes Beet Sugar and Syrup (Nisshoku)

This is a cereal made with beet sugar, which is attracting attention as an alternative to refined sugar. Beet sugar, which is made from sugar beets, contains oligosaccharide, so it can help with constipation and improve immunity.
The light texture and aroma of the corn flakes go perfectly with the robust sweetness of the beet sugar. These are corn flakes with simple flavors that you'll want to eat every day!

215g, 385 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Gorotto Granola Three Kinds of Soybeans (Nissin Cisco)

Gorotto Granola Three Kinds of Soybeans is recommended if you are looking for flavors that are unique to Japan. The chunky granola is flavored with kinako (roasted soybean flour) and mixed with three types of whole soybeans (black, green, and yellow). It goes well with regular milk and also with soy milk.

400g, 540 JPY (excl. tax)

4. Brown Rice Flakes (Kellogg's)

If you don't like sweet cereals, try Brown Rice Flakes. It is not very sweet, so it goes well not just with yogurts and fruits, but also as a topping on salads!

220g, 367 JPY (incl. tax) *The photo is of a 400g bag

5. Rice Granola Kinako Flavor (MURASE)

Rice Granola is a tasty, gluten-free cereal. It consists of brown rice puffs and oats, so it has a much lighter texture than other cereals. It is a colorful granola with apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, and azuki (red beans) mixed in. It goes well not just with soy milk and milk, but also as an ice cream topping.

200g, 463 JPY

Other Recommended Cereals

If you're usually not very hungry in the morning, why not try cereals that feel like sweets, such as chocolate-flavored cereals? If you want to have your breakfast at work, cereal bars are recommended. They are also convenient as snacks.

Cereals are great for breakfasts and snacks and are hugely popular in Japan. They can easily be found in convenience stores and supermarkets, so be sure to take a look.


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