Akihabara’s Lunch Pack Specialty Shop: Home to Over 50 Different Flavors!

The Lunch Pack has become one of the most famous snacks in Japan since it was released to the market in 1984. It is easy to purchase as it is available even in convenience stores. This article will feature a special shop in Akihabara where you can get hold of different flavors of Lunch Pack!

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What Is This Lunch Pack That Japanese People Love?

The Lunch Pack is a popular snack in Japan that is made of two pieces of crustless white bread packed with sweet or savory filling and sealed together at the edges. Sold at nearly every convenience store and supermarket, the Lunch Pack is a sandwich that has become a household name in Japan.
What people love about the Lunch Pack is that it is easy to eat and comes in a wide array of fillings! You can choose whatever suits your mood, from sweet fillings that are perfect for dessert to savory ones that are substantial and can be quite filling.

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Offering an Overwhelming Selection! Check Out Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch

If you want to enjoy different flavors of Lunch Pack, then you need to head to Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch. This store offers a huge selection of new products and items that are only available at this branch or in the region. They have an incredible 40 to 50 kinds of Lunch Pack sandwiches in store!
If you want to visit this shop while all the shops are still full with a variety of Lunch Pack sandwiches, it is best to come at around 10:00 am. Try to compare different flavors to find your favorite Lunch Pack!
Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch is right outside the Akihabara Station B1F ticket gates of the Tsukuba Express.

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3 Most Popular Classic Lunch Pack Flavors

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Lunch Pack (Peanut) (140 JPY)

The Lunch Pack (Peanut) has long been loved in Japan as a staple Lunch Pack variant. The smooth peanut cream has that subtle hint of salt amid all that sweetness, which will make you want more! Even on mornings when you have no appetite, this kind of sandwich will probably make you want to grab a quick bite.


Lunch Pack (Egg) (140 JPY)

With a filling of boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise, this Lunch Pack is also perfect for lunch. While normal sandwiches with filling have to be eaten in such a way that the filling does not spill out, you’ll be happy to know that you need not worry about that with this Lunch Pack.
You can apparently also pop it in the toaster to enjoy a crispy texture on the outside and a melty filling on the inside!

Lunch Pack (Tuna Mayonnaise) (162 JPY)

The tuna mayonnaise variant of the Lunch Pack is really popular among tourists visiting Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch. With this sandwich, the tuna and onions are mixed with mayonnaise, so there is no smell of tuna at all. The texture from the onions also pleasantly accents the sandwich.

There Are Sweet Lunch Packs, Too! Lunch Pack (Strawberry Daifuku) (147 JPY)

Strawberry daifuku is a Japanese-style confectionery of mochi (sticky rice cake) that is filled with anko (paste made by kneading together beans like red bean with sugar) and strawberries, and the Lunch Pack (Ichigo Daifuku) is the sandwich that reproduces that sweet delight! Inside the sandwich is a filling of coarse red bean paste, strawberry jam, and gyuhi (a confectionery with mochi-like texture that is made by kneading together sticky rice, sugar, and sweet syrup). Take a bite and the faint acidity, sweetness, and texture that you get will make you feel like you are eating an actual strawberry daifuku!
This variant is recommended to those who are searching for a sweet Lunch Pack with a Japanese flavor.

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Available at Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch! Recommended Local Lunch Packs

[Tokai Region] Lunch Pack (Misokatsu) (184 JPY)

The Tokai region refers to the prefectures of Mie, Aichi, Gifu, and Shizuoka. Lunch Pack (Misokatsu) is the sandwich that recreates misokatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet with miso-based sauce), a local dish of Nagoya City in Aichi. With this sandwich, the sweet miso sauce seeps into the cutlet, making it the perfect filling for the bread. The cutlet inside is menchi katsu (breaded and deep-fried minced meat patty), so it is easy to bite into and eat.

[Kanto Region] Lunch Pack (Sukiyaki) (168 JPY)

One of the Lunch Packs that are only available in the Kanto region (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma prefectures) is sukiyaki (beef hot pot), a classic Japanese dish! The beef used in the sukiyaki is premium Joshu beef from Gunma. The sukiyaki also has konnyaku (a chewy, jelly-like ingredient made from konjac bulb) made from konjac powder that also came from Gunma. You might wonder how bread and sukiyaki can be good together, but if you try this sandwich, you’ll surely find the salty-sweet taste of the sukiyaki with the bread really delicious!

Recommended as a Souvenir! Choi Pack Rusk

The bread crusts that were removed to make Lunch Packs are remade into the Choi Pack Rusk. The rusks in each pack are bite-sized, so you can have this as a snack when you’re a little hungry.
Shown in the photo are the Choi Pack Rusk Tiramisu (100 JPY) and the Choi Pack Rusk Hachimitsu (100 JPY). The tiramisu-flavored rusks are made by putting mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and coffee powder on crunchy bread that has been baked in the oven. The hachimitsu (honey) flavored rusks use honey that was harvested in Ginza. The sweet honey is completely infused into the crispy, fragrant rusk.

Visit Lunch Pack SHOP TX Akihabara Branch, check out its abundant selection of sandwiches, and try a variety of flavors that range from classic to unusual fillings!

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