Top 5 Tokyo Restaurants Serving Up High Quality Vegan and Vegetarian Ramen

While there has been an increase in the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Japan, there are still limited options available in theses domains. However, there are surely many vegans and vegetarians who would love to try some ramen, especially having made the trip all the way to Japan. This article introduces you to some of the best vegan and vegetarian ramen available in Tokyo.

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What is vegan or vegetarian ramen?

When you think of ramen, it is likely that you picture tonkotsu ramen filled with deliciously fatty pork from the upper back or thick slices of roast pork known as chashu. However, ramen made for vegans and vegetarians doesn\'t use any products that come from animals. This means that it won\'t be heavy on the stomach and that you can really taste each of the ingredients used.
This article is chock full of places in Tokyo at which you can eat healthy and delicious vegan ramen (that doesn\'t contain meat, fish, eggs, milk or honey) and vegetarian ramen (that doesn\'t use meat or fish). Make sure to get your teeth into these hearty meals, painstakingly crafted by expert chefs.

※Please note that while there are no fish products contained in the ingredients, there are times when fish products are used in the stock of the soup. Moreover, there may be changes made to the ingredients listed here depending on the season.

1. Soranoiro (Kojimachi)

Soranio gives customers the chance to get their hands on their beautifully colorful and delicious \'Vegie Soba\' (from 1,100 JPY (incl. tax)) in which all of the ingredients from the noodles, soup and toppings all use vegetables. The soup is made with a base of tomatoes and carrots, and the sweetness of these vegetables is complimented with salt. Customers will be glad to hear that they have the choice between noodles made with gluten-free rice flour or flat noodles infused with paprika. Make sure to give Vegie Soba a try and enjoy the unique taste of each of the ingredients used in the making of this healthy dish.

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2. Afuri, Shinjuku Lumine (Shinjuku)

Afuri is found inside of the Lumine, Shinjuku building, which is itself attached to Shinjuku station. At Afuri, customers have the chance to get their hands on \'Idori Yasai Vegan Ramen\' (1,350 JPY (incl. tax)), which is full of richly colored and freshly picked vegetables. The rich taste of the soup will have you surprised to hear that it is 100% plant based. The vegetables used in the dish are changed depending on the season, so you get to enjoy the freshest crops no matter when you visit. Moreover, rest assured that no egg is used in the noodles, they are instead made from lotus root.
By the way, Lumine Shinjuku is packed full of different fashion brands, so after you have finished your meal, why not stroll around the various stores for an extra boost of health?

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3. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka (Shinjuku Gyo-en Mae)

Ouka is famous as a restaurant where you can sample Halal ramen, however, it is also home to vegan ramen. One of the unique features of this vegan ramen (1,350 JPY (incl. tax)) is its sweet soy-sauce based stock. With the soup you have left over, pour it over some rice for a dish known as \'Ochazuke\'. The rich flavor of the soup will be soaked up by the rice, pushing the delicious taste to every corner of your mouth. There are many visitors from overseas who visit this restaurant, so they also offer an English menu.

4. Noodle Stand Tokyo (Harajuku)

When you see the ramen on offer at Noodle Stand Tokyo you will be surprised to see that the soup is white. As you can guess from the name, \'Vegan Coconut Miso Ramen (1,120 JPY (incl. tax)), the soup is made with a mix of coconut milk and miso. You may be wondering whether these two flavors go together, well rest assured because this store has been selling its \'Coconut Miso Ramen\' since before it started catering to vegans and the soft texture and richness of the soup has always been very popular. After being made vegan-friendly, it has preserved this delicious taste. The soy based meat alternative that tops it all off packs a tasty bite.

5. Menya Musashi, Shinjuku Main Branch (Shinjuku)

Menya Musashi is known for its thick braised pork. While the place may be strongly associated with meat, it also offers up \'Vegan Spicy Goma Ramen\' (1,100 JPY (incl. tax)) which is made using plant based ingredients.
The owner of the store wanted to make the kind of vegan ramen that they themselves would find tasty, despite them not personally being vegan. Every facet of this ramen is expertly crafted to create a filling meal. The aroma of rich white sesame coming from Chinese sesame paste brings out the fullness of the broth and is combined with smoked mixed nuts, grilled pumpkin, a naturally sweet carrot glacé, an acidic marinade of shredded purple cabbage and a spicy chili oil to bring everything together in a rich flavor. Moreover, beans and mushrooms are combined in a vegan mince for a filling and spicy punch.

Each of the vegan and vegetarian ramen introduced in this article are the result of the painstaking efforts of each chef. Customers can really taste both the skills of the craftspeople and the delicious taste of each individual ingredient in these perfect bowls of ramen. Moreover, all of the restaurants in the list are really convenient to get to, so make sure to stop by on your travels around Tokyo.

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