Top 7 Japanese Toothbrushes to Give as Souvenirs

You may find a wide variety of toothbrushes at Japanese drug stores. This article introduces the top 7 toothbrushes that are made in Japan which are worth a try. Prices may vary depending on the store you get them in, so the prices shown below are merely for reference.



1. Systema Brush with Extra Thick Bristles (Lion)

This anti-gum disease toothbrush is a perfect choice for those who stand by that clean feel after brushing. This toothbrush reaches all parts of your teeth due to its strong, elastic double core structure with an inverted U-shape and ultra-fine bristles which cleans deep between your teeth.

Reference Price: 213 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Premium Care (Ebisu)

This brush has a thick head to ensure easy, yet effective cleaning without having to brush hard. The bristles are close together, which makes it easier to reach all parts of the surface of your teeth to ensure a good clean. The bristles are made extremely fine so as to remove all of the dirt in between the teeth, and are flat so as to remove the rest of the plaque on the surface. The bristles are furthermore a combination of soft and hard, to ensure a pleasant brushing, as the soft parts in the outer part are made to clean your gums, while the harder ones in the interior of the brush are for your teeth.

Reference Price: 289 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Clear Clean (Kao)

This toothbrush is for those who have difficulty cleaning certain parts of their teeth. The spherical bristles are made perfectly to brush the higher and lower surfaces of your teeth as well as the ones at the back. It is also very easy to clean in between each tooth due to the extra fine bristles. The wave handle, along with the thumb rubber, makes it easier to grip.

Reference Price: 321 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Dentalpro Black (Dentalpro)

The Platina Colloid Ceramics toothbrush, which uses special black bristles, has plaque removal properties even when brushing with just water. This toothbrush comes in various head sizes, like the compact type which allows you to clean even the hard to reach parts of your teeth, and the super compact type, suitable for those with small mouths. The handle is easy to grip while there is a stopper to stop your hand from slipping - which makes it a perfect fit for your hand.

Reference Price: 170 JPY (incl. tax)

5. Dent Health (Lion)

This toothbrush helps to prevent gum disease, and is the product of collaborative research among dentists. The exterior adopts extremely compact bristles, while the interior provide stimulation to weak gums by massaging. The superfine bristles in the interior, furthermore, reach and clean in between teeth and gums. It is easy to grip this toothbrush, with its slim handle with an anti-slip pen grip.

Reference Price: 410 JPY (incl. tax)

6. Systema Toothbrush Extreme Compact (Lion)

This is the extreme compact version of the Systema Toothbrush at the top of this list. The size of this toothbrush is suitable even for those with small mouths. The extra fine bristles clean in between the teeth and have properties effective in preventing gum disease, as they remove dirt thoroughly.

Reference Price: 213 JPY (incl. tax)

7. Ultra Fine Toothbrush (Inada Toothbrush)

This toothbrush has extra fine bristles that measure only 0.02mm. This toothbrush reaches in between teeth and removes plaque more effectively compared to normal type of bristles.

Reference Price: 159 JPY (incl. tax)

It might be nice to buy these toothbrushes made in Japan for someone as a souvenir and have them try out just how good they feel.


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