5 Recommended Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Osaka

Just like Tokyo, Osaka also has many vegan and vegetarian restaurants. There are especially many restaurants that offer brown rice instead of white rice, Japan's staple food. Here are 5 recommended restaurants in Osaka for vegans and vegetarians.

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1. Vegetarian Cafe Green Earth

Green Earth was the first restaurant in Osaka offering a completely vegan menu. They offer vegetarian options of dishes from all around the world, and their dressings and sauces are all completely vegan and use no chemical seasonings. The Daily Lunch (750 JPY (incl. tax)) has a main, salad, vegetable side dish, soup, and a choice of brown rice, black rice, or vegan bread. This lunch is highly praised for the number of its offerings. They also have sandwiches and hot dogs made with soybean meat, curry, pasta, pizza, all of which are made with vegetables. This restaurant isn\'t just for people who eat vegetarian or vegan diets, but it\'s also great for people who feel as though they don\'t eat enough vegetables or those who are watching their weight.

2. Genmian

Genmian is a restaurant where you can eat Japanese food that uses carefully selected vegetables and brown rice grown with minimal pesticides. The restaurant\'s most popular dish is the 39 Vegetables Healthy Set Meal (920 JPY for lunch, 970 JPY for dinner - prices may change depending on branch). It\'s not a fully vegan course, but this set meal changes every day but always features more than 39 vegetables, including some seasonal ones. One meal is about 600 calories so it\'s a dish that was made popular thanks to its healthiness. It comes with a drinkable vegetable salad, main dish, 3 types of vegetable side dishes, brown rice, miso soup, and both the rice and soup have free refills! This is a dish that people who want to enjoy healthy Japanese meals should check out. For people who eat vegan, they should try the Plenty of Vegetables Bibindon (770 JPY, 820 JPY on Saturdays and holidays). It is a namul (Korean seasoned vegetable dish) made with veggie meat and konnyaku (konjac yam made into a gelatin), stir-fried in a sweet-spicy sauce. It comes with brown rice and barley miso soup that have free refills, so it\'s a restaurant recommended for big eaters too.

3. natural kitchen Medaka #2

Natural kitchen Medaka is a restaurant that uses only organic ingredients and was made with the concept of offering food that helps support the body\'s natural healing process. They offer dishes with simple seasoning to bring out the taste of the ingredients and use many dishes to arrange their food, so the beautiful appearance of their cuisine makes it very popular with women. It\'s recommended to go here for dinner. You can add the 520 JPY Salad Dish Buffet (90 minutes, comes with pre-meal fruit) to any plate menu! You can eat as much as you want of the fresh seasonal vegetables supplied by contracted farmers with the various homemade dressings. You can get rid of your vegetable deficiency here in one go! The main plate dish is the Daily Dinner Plate (1,080 JPY) that comes with three kinds of vegetable side dishes that change daily, miso soup, and rice. There\'s also the seasonal Chickpea and Bean Curd Veggie Croquette Plate (1,410 JPY). The main plates are filling and popular!

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4. Hai Genki Salon GENMAI CAFE

Hai Genki Salon GENMAI CAFE is a natural food cafe with brown rice as a staple and they don\'t use eggs, dairy, or additives for a fully-reliable vegetarian menu made from scratch. You can choose from 16 kinds of filling for the Brown Rice Onigiri (150 JPY (incl. tax)), which is fluffily cooked while still retaining brown rice\'s characteristic texture for great deliciousness. If you get the GENMAI Salad Set (720 JPY (incl. tax)), it comes with two onigiri, soup, salad, and tea as a course that will help you reset your body from the overeating and overdrinking that most people do while on vacation. Also, the vegan Brown Rice Waffle (320 JPY, 620 JPY for a drink set (both incl. tax)) is this restaurant\'s most popular menu. It\'s made without dairy or eggs, and instead uses brown rice powder, wheat, and brown rice to create a crispy surface and a fluffy center. You can use the restaurant\'s original natural sweet syrup to enjoy sweets without guilt!


5. Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Shama

Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Shama is a place where vegans and vegetarians can enjoy genuine Indian curry. They offer a wide variety of Indian dishes that don\'t use meat, fish, eggs, onions, garlic, scallions, leeks, chives, caffeine, or alcohol. The lunch course Namaste Lunch (741 JPY (excl. tax)) is popular because it will fill you up! The set comes with two kinds of curry, that day\'s soup, sprouts salad, naan, brown rice, drink, and sweets. The curry is so rich that you won\'t believe there\'s no meat in it, and the doughy naan will bring out the best of the tastes of the curry. Also, they mostly have set menus, but you can order the samosas (278 JPY (excl. tax) and Tibetan dumplings called Fried Veggie Momo (602 JPY (excl. tax) off the a la carte menu. Both of them are so voluminous and delicious you won\'t believe it\'s vegan. If you miss spicy food while you\'re in Japan, definitely stop by.*Some of their dishes use dairy, so when you order please specify that you want the vegan dishes.

When you feel that you\'ve overdone it on the thick, rich Osakan food, you can head to one of the many healthy restaurants in Osaka. Please check it out.

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