WOW! JAPAN APP, the Perfect Tool for Exploring Japan (Comes with Coupons!)

Are you still searching for that perfect Japan guidebook? Or are you looking for discount coupons to use in Japan? WOW! JAPAN APP is the perfect solution to both of these issues. On top of containing a wealth of information on travel in Japan, this smartphone app has amazing discounts for popular Japanese pharmacies and electronics stores!


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*This article was written in collaboration with WOW! JAPAN.


Before Traveling to Japan

Are you the type that likes to download useful apps to obtain useful info on train transfer times, foreign exchange rates, and consumption tax? One more app to add to your roster is the WOW! JAPAN APP. You’ll be able to view trip itineraries and famous tourist spot info even when you’re offline, meaning that you can travel without carrying a thick and heavy guidebook. Best of all, it comes with a bunch of coupons, so you can play and shop on the cheap!

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Languages: Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)

Download the app before you go on your trip!


WOW! JAPAN APP is run by the Japanese communications giant, docomo. It is a smartphone app that offers info on the charms of Japan and the ways you can enjoy your time there. You will easily be able to pick up the latest info on travel in Japan, as well as some generous app-only discount coupons!

When you first open the app after downloading it, you’ll come across the following screen. In “Guide”, there are basic introductions on famous tourist spots. If you click on “Learn more”, you’ll discover recommended articles related to that particular spot. There’s a wide range of info available, from sightseeing spots great for Japan beginners to spots that even experienced travelers to Japan have never heard of before!

Wondering where to head next after countlessly exploring places like the big capital of Tokyo, the gourmet heaven Osaka, and the former capital of Kyoto? Tap on the “Add area” button and pick a couple of areas to add to your list. Japan’s 47 prefectures are waiting for you!

The “Spot search” function in “Search” will look up information that’s been categorized based on what most foreign tourists tend to look up. You can also finetune your search by adding criteria such as “English speaking staff available”, “English menu available”, “Credit cards accepted”, and “Non-smoking area available”. There’s also a “Google search” function, which makes the app even more convenient!

We Field Tested the WOW! JAPAN APP in Japan

We went ahead and actually used the WOW! JAPAN APP in Ikebukuro, a place that’s just as lively as Shinjuku and Shibuya. As a result, we uncovered three amazing things about this app!

① You Can Favorite Articles and Read Them Offline

Before coming to Japan, we added any articles we were interested in into “Favorite”. We could read them even when offline, so we studied up on Ikebukuro’s tourist spots during our flight! We decided to spend a whole day there, exploring places like the Seibu department store around Ikebukuro Station’s East Gate, Sunshine City, the Tobu department store connected to Ikebukuro Station’s West Gate, LUMINE, and OIOI.

Sunshine 60 Street

Sunshine 60 Street is said to be Ikebukuro’s busiest street, and is full of places to eat, drink, and have fun! If you bring a shopping list, you’ll be able to tick everything off here, since it’s home to pharmacies, consumer electronics shops, clothing stores, and more! Before we embarked on our shopping fiesta, we paid a visit to one of the arcades to try our hand at the UFO catchers!

Sunshine Aquarium

According to the WOW! JAPAN APP, the Sunshine Aquarium recently opened in the summer of 2017 after undergoing renovations. They have shows where you can see sea lions up close, and you can also catch a glimpse of penguins leisurely swimming with the city skyline in the backdrop. It sounded interesting, so we went all the way to Sunshine City’s top floor to visit it. True to its concept of being an “oasis in the sky”, not only can you learn more about marine life and ecology, but you can also take a breather from the busy city. It’s a great place for people of all ages.

② You Can Create Your Own Guidebook

With this app, you won’t miss out on anything when it comes to food in Japan! For example, even if there’s a super long line outside a store or the restaurant you wanted to visit is closed for the day, you can find many other articles related to food in Ikebukuro through the “Notes” section of “Favorite”, so you’ll always have other options. That’s one of WOW! JAPAN APP’s great points! Apart from WOW! JAPAN articles, you can add pages you discovered using the “Google search” function to the “Notes” section. If you store all your info in one app, you don’t have to spend a ton of time switching pages or apps, and you won’t run into any trouble with not being able to find a specific page!

Ikebukuro is filled with ramen restaurants, and you can find every kind of ramen there, including shoyu (soy sauce), tonkotsu (pork bone broth), and shio (salt). If it’s your first time visiting Ikebukuro and you’re looking for something rich and heavy, go for Mutekiya; their ramen has a thick tonkotsu base and comes with a generous amount of toppings. We would have ordered a bowl, but one of us prefers more light and refreshing ramen, and the line was really long, so we gave up on it and headed over to Ikebukuro’s West Gate. Reading "5 Recommended Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo (Ikebukuro Edition)" and "Seven Must Eat Ramen Bowls – Shio Ramen" these two articles by searching on App, we discovered ramen so good, it placed into our top three! 

After we finished our ramen, we went to a cafe that was on our must-visit list in Japan. Luckily, the Ikebukuro location was conveniently situated inside LUMINE, which was connected to the West Gate of Ikebukuro Station. We ordered a fruit milk crepe and a strawberry shortcake. The smells and tastes were so amazing that we still can’t forget just how delicious everything was!

③ You Can Use the App’s Coupons to Shop Smartly

After eating, drinking, and playing, we were ready to go shopping! However, we didn’t want to go far since we had a lot of luggage, and we wanted to compare prices. Ikebukuro was great for meeting both of those needs. After exiting the East Gate of Ikebukuro Station, we were brought face-to-face with Bic Camera, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and Don Quijote.

The WOW! JAPAN APP had coupons that we could use for those stores, which we really needed since we were looking to save on our shopping! (The details written on the coupons change depending on your language settings.)

Don’t throw away your receipts! If you spend over a certain amount at specific stores, you can exchange those receipts for gifts at the docomo World Counter in Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Chubu Centrair International Airport.

*View more details in the “Coupon” section of the WOW! JAPAN APP!

An App That Will Make You Go “Wow!”

WOW! JAPAN APP has information on spots all over Japan. You can find anything from trip itineraries for each area to tourist spots not featured in any guidebooks which only locals know of. Download it to create your own guidebook, view info even when you’re offline, and have an amazing fun-filled trip! To top all that off, we’re sure that the coupons it contains will make you go, “Wow!”


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Languages: Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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