[With Reader's Discount!] Visiting Japan? Rent Portable Translation and Wi-Fi Devices for Cheap!

No matter where in the world you travel, the biggest problem in a foreign country is communication. POCKETALK – a super useful, portable translation device – may be the answer to this problem! With this, you can easily communicate with anyone, anywhere. This article will touch upon a particularly affordable rental service that will let you rent both POCKETALK and the portable Wi-Fi device needed for it. The great thing about the Wi-Fi device is that you can attach up to 10 devices to it! Even better, this service will let you pick up and return these devices at the airport.


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*This article was written in collaboration with F.O.P. Inc.

The delivery charge has gone down to 800 yen!!

Due to popular demand, 50 people (instead of 10) can get 2,000 yen off!!*

Now you can get a bigger price reduction if you rent it for a long time!!

*Until July 31, 2018


POCKETALK is a portable translation device that can translate both ways between 63* different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Cantonese), French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

You’ll be surprised by its translation speed and accuracy! As long as you have this, there's no need to remember any difficult Japanese. Feel free to visit any place that you were worried about visiting before! It’s truly an amazing communication tool for any trip.

It needs Wi-Fi to work, so we suggest making use of a rental plan that also includes a portable Wi-Fi device.

*As of October 23, 2017

Pick Them Up At The Airport!

The Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi rental set that includes both POCKETALK and a Wi-Fi router allows people to pick up their devices from places like QL liner counters, post offices, and JAL ABC counters at any major airport in Japan, such as Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.

We recommend the QL liner counter, as it’s open for an hour past the last plane. Even if you arrive late, you can rest assured that you'll get what you paid for!

This rental set can also be delivered to places like your hotel or your friend’s house in Japan, so you can choose to have it delivered in a way that's most convenient for you.

*The image above is just a picture. It will actually be wrapped and in a package when you receive it.

Narita Airport: Directions to the Pick-up Counter (Video)

Directions to the QL liner counter at the North Wing of Terminal 1

Directions to the QL liner counter at Terminal 2

Haneda Airport: Directions to the Pick-up Counter (Video)

Directions to the JAL ABC counter at the International Terminal

For other airports, please visit their respective post offices.

Use It Almost Immediately!

You can almost immediately use it after you pick it up at the airport, which is extremely handy. Set up the Wi-Fi device, adjust the language and Wi-Fi settings on the POCKETALK, and give it a go! It is really easy to set everything up.

With this, you shouldn’t have any troubles communicating with locals during your trip. Enjoy communicating with everyone around you!

Announce Your Arrival On Social Media!

Comes with super strong Wi-Fi that can handle up to 10 devices simultaneously!

Now that you’ve arrived to Japan, it's time to inform all your friends and family about your safe arrival. The amazing portable Wi-Fi device that comes with this rental set can handle up to 10 devices all at once, so if you share it with your family or friends, the cost per person will be extremely low!

Furthermore, there’s no data limit* and it can go up to 440Mbps, making it perfect for sharing photos and even videos! Use it as freely and often as you want.

Did we mention that the battery lasts for an astounding 10.5* hours?

*If you use an incredible amount of data within a short time frame (e.g. over 10GB in 3 days), a data limit may be imposed.

*Based on data acquired from using the device in battery saving mode, as well as high-speed mode.

Enjoy Your Trip Like Never Before!

With this POCKETALK and Wi-Fi router set, you won't have to give up exploring because of a lack of communication! Remember when you couldn't enjoy shopping because you didn't understand what the shop staff said, when your order got mixed up because you couldn't explain the fine details, or when you couldn't haggle for a lower price? Well, all those horrible experiences will become nothing more than a dream! It'll come in really handy when you need to ask for directions to a well-known place. Maybe you can even spill out feelings that you were never able to tell before?

Purchase this rental set and challenge yourself to do things that you couldn’t do before!

Return Everything Through The Airport's Post Box!

Of course, anyone would want to use these devices right up until they had to get on the plane to return home! Well, with this rental service, you can return these devices by putting them into a designated letter packet, and then stuffing that into a post box at the airport. This means that you can use it right up until you enter the airport gates, so go crazy and use away! Note that you can return the devices at any post box, not just the ones at the airport.

While you can return these devices at places like QL liner counters, you'll have to fill out some paperwork, so it's recommended to return them through post instead.

Order the Set With Our Reader's Only Discount Coupon!

Due to popular demand, 50 people (instead of 10) can get 2,000 yen off!!

*Until July 31, 2018

You can get 2,000* yen off this POCKETALK and Wi-Fi device rental set!

Tsunagu Japan readers can make use of this special discount coupon to get 2,000* yen off this POCKETALK and Wi-Fi device rental set! This normally costs 6,500 yen for 5 days (4 nights).

Those who only want to rent the portable Wi-Fi device can make use of a current campaign to get 500* yen off the total rental price!

Don’t let go of this amazing opportunity to expand the horizons of your trip!

*Only applies if you rent the set for at least 5 days (4 nights). The 2,000 yen off coupon only applies to 10 sets. After that, 50 sets will be able to get 1,000 yen off instead.

(The number of people able to use this discount may increase depending on the situation.)

*Only applies if you rent it for a minimum of 5 days (4 nights).

**You cannot rent the POCKETALK on its own.

**There is a delivery fee of 800 yen.


*Please purchase all rental plans in advance. This applies regardless of whether you rent the entire set or just the Wi-Fi router.

(There is no actual store or place in Japan to visit for rentals.)

POCKETALK's Rental Fee & Specs

Basic Fee: 500 yen (plus tax) / Day

・Supports 63* different languages

・Has a battery life of up to 6* hours

・Wireless LAN b/n

・Weight: 90g

・Size: 110mm x 60mm x 16mm

*As of October 23, 2017

*Based on normal usage in normal conditions

**Cannot be rented on its own!

**When selecting languages to translate, there may be national flags that do not match their respective countries.

Wi-Fi Device's Rental Fee & Specs

There's currently a campaign where you can get 500* yen off the total price if you rent it by itself!

The longer you rent it for, the cheaper it is!!

【Basic Price】*Price adjusted on April 24, 2018

800 yen (plus tax) / Day (*1 - 5 days)

700 yen (plus tax) / Day (*6 - 10 days)

600 yen (plus tax) / Day (*11 - 15 days)

500 yen (plus tax) / Day (*16 - 20 days)

400 yen (plus tax) / Day (*21 - 31 days)



・Max Speed: 440Mbps*

・Has a battery life of up to 10.5* hours

・Wireless LAN a/b/g/n/ac

・Weight: 140g

・Size: 130mm x 53mm x 14.2mm

*Only applies if you rent it for a minimum of 5 days (4 nights).

*If you use an incredible amount of data within a short time frame (over 10GB in 3 days), a data limit may be imposed.

*Based on data acquired from using the device in battery saving mode, as well as high-speed mode.

**Renting it on its own will incur a delivery charge of 800 yen.

Mobile Battery's Rental Fee

Basic Fee: 100 yen (plus tax) / Day

・Can be used for both the POCKETALK and Wi-Fi router

・Can also charge smartphones

・Capacity: 5,000mAh (enough to fully charge a smartphone twice)

**Cannot be rented by itself!

Other Information

◆Delivery Charge (incl. return)

When you pick up the devices, a letter packet will be included in the package. All you have to do is put your devices into the letter packet, and then drop it off at a post box!

800 yen / Package



Can be purchased for the POCKETALK and Wi-Fi device. Applies to cases such as accidental loss, theft, physical damage, and water damage.

Basic Fee: 100 yen (plus tax) / Day


◆Cancellation Fee


*If the devices have already been delivered, cancellation is not possible. You will have to pay the full cost.


◆Extension Fee (with notice)

Payment for each device will be deferred.


◆Extension Fee (no notice)

You will need to pay double for each device.

*Please contact info@tokyo-speed-wifi.jp to let them know if you wish to extend the rental period.

**If you forget to return the devices, they will judge the situation and come up with an appropriate quote. Please contact info@tokyo-speed-wifi.jp in such a situation.



Have you ever watched the famous Japanese anime (cartoon), Doraemon? If so, do you remember that futuristic translation gummy that Doraemon ate whenever he wanted to successfully communicate with anyone from a different country? Well, we might be approaching such a day! Make use of this and explore more of Japan!



The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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