[Kyoto/Kameoka] Sake Brewery Visits and Wine Factory Tours in Kyoto, Hyogo, and the Tanba Region

Over the course of the day, you’ll go for tours and sake tasting in breweries in the Tanba region (two locations in Kameoka and Shinoyama), then go on a tour of a wine factory and have a wine tasting. One of the locations on the itinerary is the Tanba Toji Brewery Museum, honoring one of Japan's 3 largest guilds of master brewers.
The environment in the Tanba region is particularly conducive to growing rice, which is essential to making sake. The essential elements for growing a good crop of rice include water, soil, and a sufficient variance of hot and cold weather. The Tanba region is shaped like a basin and surrounded by mountains. These characteristics, combined with the fact that the region was once submerged in a lake and remains in close proximity to free-flowing streams, results in fresh water, nutrient-rich soil, and a varied weather cycle. In addition to the sake tasting, you’ll also learn about how the Tanba Brewery is related to the Nada, one of the 3 great guilds of master brewers in Japan, as well as various other information on the topography, history, and brewing processes used in the region.

Tours Conducted by A Guide Who's Been a Longtime Kyoto Resident

You’re in good hands with a guide who’s been a Kyoto resident for a just about a half century (and now lives in Arashiyama).

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