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When I was 20-21…

In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas (with my friend)

In Chicago, with my friends (I’m sticking out my tongue!)

In Chicago, with my friends (I’m the one in the middle and behind the girl wearing sun glasses)

When I was in the US, my non-Japanese friends often asked me why I was so skinny. I wasn’t considered skinny in Japan, but I was wearing size 0 or 1 and that means I was really thin compared to other people there.
I wasn’t on a diet at all but I was always the skinniest when I was in the US.
I didn’t like to be asked why at that time, but now I’ll tell you why.



It is clear that Japanese food is very healthy.
We eat fish more than meat and it’s healthier than meat.
Fish usually contains a lot of calcium and it also cleans your blood. And, needless to say, the calories are much lower!


Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat.
Soba usually means soba noodles and you can find soba everywhere in Japan. Most train stations have soba stands or restaurants!
Soba contains all eight essential amino acids and it also contains antioxidants.
Do you know what that means?
Soba helps you to reduce your stress and stay young!

Miso soup

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup Japanese people eat almost everyday.
Miso soup and white rice are the most popular and traditional Japanese breakfast.
Since miso is made of soy beans, it’s very healthy.
In 2003, researchers suggested that “eating three or more bowls of the Japanese delicacy Miso soup every day could cut women’s risk of developing breast cancer”!


Edamame beans are green soybeans in the pod, and the pods are boiled and served with salt.
Did you know that edamae is the most popular food to eat with alcohol?! Japanese people eat healthy things even when we drink!
The US Department of Agriculture says that edamame beans are “best known as a snack with a nutritional punch”.


Young Japanese people exercise a lot.
Japanese schools often have sports competitions, such as ball games, marathon, track and fields, etc… a funny one is a jump rope competition. So the students practice very hard to win, and they exercise a lot.
Also, if they join sports teams, they have to work out more and more. Most school teams have practices more than 5 days a week, and many of them practice 7 days a week. In weekdays, they practice before classes, and also after school. On weekends, even they don’t have to go to school, members in sports teams get together and practice. They practice so hard because they want to win. As a result, they get a lot of exercises.

Healthy diet and exercise…

I remember the girl who did home stay at my house for a half year lost a lot of weights while she was staying with my family.
My family’s diet is very healthy. We eat Japanese and Okinawan food most of the times and we don’t eat junk food. Our diet is even healthier than the average Japanese families. And we prefer walking than driving.
The girl had to eat and walk with us, so she lost weights.
So, healthy diet and exercising are the keys to be in shape.
Eating Japanese food everyday will probably help you to stay healthy and lose some weights!

But don’t be too skinny!

The problem in Japan now is, many girls think they are fat and they need to go on a diet. But how come they think they are fat though they are actually thin enough? That leads to their mental and health problems and it is a serious problem in Japan.
So, if you meet a Japanese girl who keeps saying she’s fat even she isn’t, please tell her that she’s beautiful the way she is, and she’s already in shape!

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