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What is the Best Jeanist?

The Best Jeanist Award is a yearly award presented by the Japan Jeans Association to celebrities who wear jeans the best. The companies related to the Japan Jeans Association as well as a public vote select the celebrities, though once a celebrity has won three years in a row they are retired from being able to win. The interesting part about the award is that they select celebrities from many different genres. Do you know all of them?

1. Rola (Model)

You might already know her. Rola is currently one of the most popular Japanese fashion models. 


On the day of the press conference, Rola dressed up in denim from head to toe.


You can tell she’s a model just by the length of her legs!

Rola Official Blog

rolaofficial (instagram)

Rola won last year too!

Rola won Best Jeanist in 2013 as well. People who win Best Jeanist three times are inducted into the hall of fame, so if Rola wins next year, she will be retired from the award. She’s very popular so it seems likely that she’ll win next year, too.

2. Masahiro Tanaka (Baseball player)

Masahiro Tanaka is a famous Japanese player who now belongs to the New York Yankees. He’s not well-known for his fashion, so he was probably selected simply because he’s liked by people of all generations. He’s known by his nickname, “Ma-kun,” in Japan.

The New York Yankees official site

3. Eiko Koike (Actress)

(Photo : film, “The Kiss”)

Eiko Koike is a Japanese actress. She has earned starring roles in films and her acting ability is critically acclaimed, though she started her career as a pin-up girl.

The Kiss (2007)


(Photo:film, “Penguin Fufu”)

If you have a chance, you should watch one of her films!

Penguin Fufu (AsianWiki)

Eiko Koike (wikipedia)

4. Summers (comedian duo)

Summers is a popular comedian duo from Tokyo. They wear jeans quite often on their TV show. Their private fashion is highly appreciated as “Ame-cazi,” meaning “American casual style”.

Summers (wikipedia)

5. Miki Ando (Figure skater)

Outside of Ma-kun, another athlete was awarded Best Jeanist: Miki Ando. You might not recognize her in the photo above, but if you look at the next one, you’ll surely realize who she is: 


Yes, she is a famous Japanese figure skater who became a champion at the World Figure Skate Championships in both 2007 and 2011.

Miki Ando official site 

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