Take in the Beautiful Scenery While Parasailing in Naha

Parasailing is an activity that lets you soar into the sky without the need for special skills.

Towed along by a rope that stretches 200 meters, you’ll have the vantage point of a seabird gliding at an altitude 40 to 50 meters above sea level. Take in the colorful, translucent ocean waters, beautiful coral reefs, and coastlines of fine white sand for a bird’s eye view of Okinawa's resplendent beauty.

Experience moments of healing and elegance while gazing at the glittering contrast of ultramarine and deep blue under the sunlight.

A coral reef glints emerald green, under the beautiful blue sea. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of sea turtles swimming below!

This parasailing experience is right in the city of Naha, so you can stop by casually amidst your sightseeing plans.

Parasailing in the City of Naha!

Your parasailing adventure begins at Miegusuku Port, located just by Naha Airport.
Parasailing used to be limited to either northern Okinawa or to remote islands, and it only recently became available in Naha.

Drop by During Your Free Time

The tour is about 40 - 80 minutes.
You can easily fit it into your schedule whether you specifically plan for it or if you just want to swing by while sightseeing in Naha. Parasailing offers a thrilling rush you'll be sure to want to experience yourself.

Take a Stroll in the Skies over Beautiful Okinawan Seas

Parasailing is a popular activity regardless of age. You'll definitely want to consider a stroll in the skies whether it's with family, as a couple, or with some good friends.
Of course, solo travelers are always welcome, too.
Anyone above the age of 4 and in good health can participate.

Basic Information


From 7,000 yen