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A place to seek for underwear


UNIQLO is now getting popularity worldwide with its chain stores in big cities such as London, New York and Paris. Though UNIQLO is introduced as fashionable fast fashion brand in other countries, its status is different in Japan.

The main reason why Japanese people go to UNIQLO is…


For Japanese people, UNIQLO stays a shop where we can buy practical items at a law price. We normally don’t go to UNIQLO to find something fashionable, but to find something which we HAVE TO have. (But UNIQLO Japan is trying to get rid of this image and to become a fashionable brand.)

Everything you need for a trip is here.


What you need for a short trip should be underwear: something warm for a winter trip, something breathes well for a summer trip. Don’t worry. The best item is always in UNIQLO!!



Let’s start with basic items. At UNIQLO, we have many choices for camisoles. Different shapes, different designs…and they are available during all seasons at the shop.

◆Shorts Collection


The next one is shorts. It might be worth going to UNIQLO only for getting surprised with abundant line-up of short collection!! We have many different shapes, colors, designs and even functions such as sanitary, maternity and for attitude collection etc.

Basic socks are of course always available at UNIQLO.

◆Sarafine for summer


Sarafine is a series for summer. “Sara” is from “Sara-sara”, one of Japanese onomatopoeia which signifies the condition which is not wet with perspiration. Sarafine series breath very well and get dried easily. The best underwear for summer is found in UNIQLO.

◆HEATTECH for winter


HEATTECH series is a hot seller since long time in Japan. Don’t hesitate to buy at least one of you find HEATTECH items at UNIQLO, since once it starts to be sold, people rush to buy them in order to survive cold winter and it’s sold out very soon every year.

100 yen shop

For the items not for dairy life, but we need during the trip!


100yen shop is a good place to buy the items which you really need during the trip, but we don’t use that often in our dairy life. It’s reasonable not to spend too much money for such items, isn’t it?

◆Bottle container


If you are choosy about skincare goods, you should want to bring your dairy skincare goods for a trip too. Then, going to buy a whole bottle is not a good idea, because it’s too big and heavy. And you shouldn’t to want to bring a lot of liquid inside your bag. So go to 100yen shop and pick up a bottle container which let you bring your dairy skincare goods without any obstacle.

If you have certain medicine you have to take every day, getting pill case is necessary. You can find such cute pill cases at 100 yen.

◆Laundry net


After coming back from the trip, what is waiting for you is…washing. But why don’t you try to reduce the boring task? Go to get these kawaii laundry net and keep well the clothing which you wore separately according to the items during the trip. That would make boring cleaning less boring.

◆Eye mask


Are you a person who cannot sleep well with strangers around during the flight? For those people, eye mask is available at 100yen!



Sleeping while sitting down the seat can be painful. So take this pillow for your peaceful sleep during the flight.


To get travel lit items with discount


Drugstore is not a stylish place, but a nice friend to girls. We can get skincare products (not high-class ones which you buy at department store) with always discount. Often they have a point card with which we can collect the point at each purchase and the points you have collected are to be more discount.

◆Shampoo and conditioner


◆Body soap and cleansing cream


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