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Girls give chocolates to boys they like.

Valentine’s Day is a big event in Japan. In Japan, it’s girls who give chocolates to the boys they like. Chocolates are the most popular presents, but you can give other sweets such as cookies or cakes as well. Giving flowers is not very common in Japan.

Some girls make chocolates (or other sweets) by themselves at home.

Some girls buy good gifts. Recently, there are many choices, so it’s not hard to find something pleasing for someone you’re going to give chocolates to.

During Valentine’s season, department stores hold big festivals!

Now Valentine’s Day is a big business chance for department stores. During the season, stores hold special events. If you go there to look for chocolates, you will surely find ones suitable for your situation.
This photo was taken in a big department store. They’re holding a “Valentine Chocolate Expo.”

In a shop window, chocolates are beautifully displayed.

Chocolate tasting party

Some department stores, like Hankyu Hyakkaten, hold chocolate tasting parties.

What happens at school on Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever read a manga based on school life? Sometimes there are romantic episodes. Yes, something happens on Valentine’s Day!

▼Girls give each other “tomo-choco”

In Japan, on Valentine’s Day, girls give each other “tomo-choco”. “Tomo” means friends, so “tomo-choco” means “chocolate for friends.” Girls prepare chocolates, cookies, or other sweets. Many girls prepare handmade gifts because it’s cheaper and more personable. The day before Valentine’s Day is very busy for some girls!

Some girls don’t have to bring lunch on Valentine’s Day.

▼Boys get excited.

Boys get excited or nervous because of the potential of getting chocolates from girls.

▼Some lucky boys find a letter or a box of candy in their shoe boxes.

The typical way shy girls give chocolates to boys is to put it in their shoe box. Some girls are too shy to give it directly to them. Even if they want to hand it to them directly, near their shoe box is a good location to wait for them.

▼Courageous girls try to confess to the boys they like.

Courageous girls confess to boys they like on Valentine’s Day when they give him chocolates. In Japan, when you want to date someone, it’s necessary to make it obvious, so phrases like “I like you” and “I want to date you” are needed.

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