A Tour Package That Includes Both Whale Watching and Parasailing in Okinawa

This discounted tour package includes both whale watching and parasailing. The coming of winter signals the start of whale watching season in Okinawa as whales migrate to warmer, tropical waters.
How about going to see these majestic creatures up close on a spacious, newly built boat?
Whale watching offers a rare opportunity to see these gargantuan marine creatures in their natural element. From breaching to mating to spy-hopping, you’ll have front-row seats for all different kinds of endearing cetacean behaviors.
Bring along your family, friends, or even a date on a thrilling whale watching adventure!

A Large Catamaran Ship Designed to Reduce Rocking and Swaying

While the boat is designed to seat 60 passengers, the tour is limited to 40 people to ensure that you can cruise in spacious leisure. The tour is an attractive option even for those who get seasick easily, so be sure to consider this opportunity to go whale watching in Okinawa. 

Double the Fun with Parasailing

In addition to whale watching, you’ll also have the opportunity to try parasailing. Take in the sights of the Okinawan islands from the vantage point of a seabird gliding at an altitude 40 to 50 meters above sea level. Enjoy Okinawa's resplendent beauty with a bird’s eye view of colorful, translucent ocean waters, beautiful coral reefs, and coastlines of fine white sand.

Experience moments of healing and elegance while gazing at the glittering contrast of ultramarine and deep blue under the sunlight.

Parasailing can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 4 and in good health.

Cruising on the Beautiful Waters of Okinawa

Enjoy a cruise on the beautiful seas of Okinawa with your family, as a couple, or with friends.
Of course, solo travelers are always welcome, too.

Basic Information


From 10,800 yen