Wanted: tsunagu Japan are now accepting applications for "Ambassadors"


Japanese Culture

We are now accepting applications for ambassadors to spread information about Japan and its culture to the world.

Our Thoughts

tsunagu Japan delivers articles about Japanese traditional culture, pop culture, travel information, and various other content to the world every day. 
The Japanese word "tsunagu" means "to connect."
In the world, maybe there aren't many people who understand the full depths of Japanese culture. Inside that world, tsunagu Japan is operating with the desire to transmit information about Japan to the world, to have people understand Japan better, and to connect the world to Japan.
Mt.Fuji with cherry blossoms

The role of a "tsunagu Ambassadors"

1. Transmit tsunagu Japan's information

Convey the charms of Japan by sharing tsunagu Japan's daily articles or archived articles through social media like Facebook or Twitter to your family, friends, and acquaintences.

2. Help build tsunagu Japan

You'll assertively express your opinions on the themes and contents that tsunagu Japan chooses on our Facebook group. If you wish, there is also the possibility that you can contribute articles.
Also, if you suggest improvements related to the site's features or functions, together we can make tsunagu Japan a more attractive website.

The merits of becoming a "tsunagu Ambassador"

1. You'll know about events first as well as recieving priority invitations

We plan to implement cultural exchanges, Japanese culture experience events and more, mainly on the web but also in real life as well. When those occur, you will not only know about them first but you will also have priority invitations.

2. Your name will be displayed at the tsunagu Japan website

We will display your profile photo as well as name on the website. 
Here are the list for current tsunagu Ambassadors.
Don't you want to spread information about Japan with us?
We await your applications.

tsunagu Ambassadors Application form

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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