Want to eat udon in style? Try Tsurutontan!

Are you a noodle lover? Have you tried Japanese udon? In Osaka and Tokyo, there is a stylish udon chain restaurant called Tsurutontan. Of course, everything tastes amazing.

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Tsurutontan is a Japanese udon chain restaurant that is quite popular for its food and its stylish ambiance.

How stylish is it? You can start by checking out its official site below! (It doesn't have an English translation, but you can enjoy its beautiful Japanese design.)

Tsurutontan Official Site (JP)

Stylish interior

(Photo : Soemoncho, Osaka)

[flexiblemap address="3-17 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0084, Japan"]

Tsurutontan started its first restaurant in Osaka. Then it became so popular that now it has 12 chain restaurants in both Osaka and Tokyo.

Each restaurant has its own concept and the concept is reflected in its interior design.

(Photo : Roppongi, Tokyo)

[flexiblemap address="3-14-12, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032"]



You can eat in a tatami room at some of Tsurutontan's restaurants.

Staff will welcome you in kimono.

At Tsurutontan, the staff are often dressed in kimono.

Of course, their service is perfect! Even better than the Japanese standard, as Tsurutontan is a slightly luxurious restaurant.

You can watch the takumi work just in front of you

At some Tsurutotans, if you sit in a counter seat, you can see the takumi cook up close.

“Takumi,” written as 匠, is a Japanese word which means artisan.

Served in a big bowl

Udon is provided in a big bowl. Tsurutontan's udon satisfies your appetite for sure, but it will be enough for your eyes too.

Seasonable Udon

This is autumnal udon in sukiyaki style with matsutake mushrooms. What a gorgeous dish!

Stylish udon

Have you ever heard that Japanese cuisine is supposed to be savored with your eyes too? Japanese cuisine is prepared in an artistic and beautiful way. Tsurutontan's udon says everything about this saying. This is udon with seasonal fish in a Japanese soup gelée.

Free portion increases

Good news for gluttons! At Tsurutontan restaurants, you can choose from a half portion, one portion, 2 portions, and 3 portions, for the same price! 

Variety of à la carte dishes

English menus available!

One thing you might worry about is how to order and whether or not you understand all the ingredients. Don't worry, they have English menus! Just ask the staff. 

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