Want the trendiest dinner in Osaka? Go to the Grand Front Osaka!

Are you looking for a good place for dinner in Osaka? This is the trendy hot spot in Osaka for occasions like dates, girls' night out, parties, and other events. Discover the new fashionable face of Osaka which you haven't discovered yet but you definitely should know!


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Are you looking for a dinner with a romantic ambiance? Or maybe you're looking for something trendy. Then the place you should definitely go is the Grand Front Osaka. This is surely the hottest and trendiest spot in Osaka right now.

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It's very easy to get there. It's directly connected to the JR Osaka station. This area has been in development for several years so people of all ages have fun shopping and eating around there. 

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The most trendy dinner is available at on the Umekita floor. 


The best place for a dinner with ambiance is found on the Umekita floor, the 6th floor of the Kita-kan (north building). 


In the 2800 square meters of the floor, there are 16 restaurants.


If you want a Japanese atmosphere, try an izakaya-style restaurant.


Eager for Chinese cuisine? Don't worry, of course there are Chinese restaurants too.


Each restaurant is great. However, you don't have to pick just one restaurant. You can choose to "tabe aruki/nomi aruki." 

What is tabe aruki/nomi aruki?


“Tabe aruki” comes from two Japanese words, “taberu” (to eat) and “aruku” (to walk). “Nomi aruki” comes from “nomu" (to drink) and “aruku" (to walk). It means you walk around and pick out whatever you'd like to eat or drink, as though you were at a market. 


For people doing tabe/nomi aruki, there are common seating areas. You can eat what you've bought from several restaurants at the same time. 


They have fun themes! 


They publish a floor magazine where they introduce the dinner themes. This issue's theme is "reflect on yourself and reset your life for the coming fall!" Actually, Japanese people reflect quite often. If you make mistakes, such as in work, Japanese people think it's very important to reflect on what was wrong in order to make it better next time. Japanese people reflect like this often, even in daily life.



Reflection is 反省 (hansei) and party or meeting is 会 (kai), thus a reflection party is 反省会(hansei kai). This magazine is recommending certain restaurant dishes that will help you improve your life through attending this 反省会(hansei kai).


 Have a special dinner with atmosphere!

You will surely have a special night there. This is the most recommended place to have dates, girls' night outs, parties, and other occasions. Don't miss it!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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