Wanna Go River-rafting in Japan?

Rivers in Japan are fast-flowing because of the narrow geographical features of Japan. Even large rivers have changeable views. Here come the 8 best river-rafting areas in Japan.


Things to Do

1. Mogami River (Yamagata Prefecture)


Like Matsuo Basho says in his poem, "Gathering the rains of May / How swiftly it flows / Mogami River," Mogami River shows its own beautiful scenery throughout the year with cherry blossoms in spring, green leaves in the summer, colored leaves in autumn and snow in winter.

[flexiblemap address="山形県最上郡戸沢村古口" title=""]

2. Kinu River (Tochigi Prefecture)


When river rafting in Kinu River, you will be amazed by unique views such as an animal shaped strange rock and a huge rock standing like a shield.

[flexiblemap address="日光市鬼怒川温泉大原1414" title=""]

3. Nagatoro River (Saitama Prefecture)


Nagatoro is at the entrance of Chichibu. Nagatoro River runs through a natural monument. The pile of rocks of Nagatoro and its wildness changes the scenery a lot.

[flexiblemap address="埼玉県秩父郡長瀞町長瀞ライン下り" title=""]

4. Tenryu River (Nagano Prefecture)

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[flexiblemap address="飯田市龍江7115-1" title=""]

5. Kiso River (Gifu Prefecture)


The river rafting in Kiso River is called "Japanese line". You might be amazed to see gentleness around Jogefunaba, severeness on the way and sometimes large scale change.

[flexiblemap address="岐阜県美濃加茂市御門町2-6-5" title=""]

6. Hozu River (Kyoto Prefecture)

[flexiblemap address="京都府亀岡市保津町下中島2" title=""]

7. Oboke (Tokushima Prefecture)

[flexiblemap address="徳島県三好市大歩危" title=""]

8. Kuma river (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Lamsus Crusoe/Flickr

Kuma River is one of the three fastest rivers in Japan. It flows gently through Hitoyoshi basin. Once it separates from the basin, however, it becomes a rapid that is worthy of being called one of the three fastest rivers.

[flexiblemap address="熊本県人吉市下新町333-1" title=""]

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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