Walking around the academic site: Hongo, the University of Tokyo

Located in the center of Tokyo, Hongo, the University of Tokyo is a good place to walk around with its historical, academic buildings. Let's spend a special time around Hongo campus and some other sites!

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Photo by Chao-Wei Juan on Flicker

Located in the center of Tokyo, the University of Tokyo Hongo campus boasts of its academic, quiet and serene atmosphere. As most of the buildings were constructed in the former of 20th century, you will see architectures of a little old design around the campus.

Walking around these campus really makes you calm and comfortable. This post will give you some tips on the University of Tokyo Hongo campus and other sites around the campus.

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1.Aka-mon Gate


Photo by Carol Sawada on Flickr

Akamon Gate is the symbolic and representative building of the University of Tokyo. The gate was originally constructed in 1827, and it is now designed as an important cultural property. Many visitors, both from Japan and from outside Japan, come and see this gate.

HP: www.u-tokyo.ac.jp

2. Sanshiro-ike Pond


Photo by skasamatsu on Flickr

Sanshiro is the name of a main character in a famous novel written by Soseki Natsume(1862-1916). It is also the title of the novel. This pond has a formal name, Shinji-ike Pond, but it is nicknamed sanshiro-ike Pond because the pond appears in an impressive scene of the novel. Actually, some of the University of Tokyo facilities appear in the novel, so you may enjoy the novel before or after you go there.

Natsume's novels are well-know in and outside Japan. They are translated into various languages. The pond is a quiet site and you will not feel that you are in the center of Tokyo!

HP: www.u-tokyo.ac.jp

3. Yasuda Auditorium


This is another symbolic building in the University of Tokyo, Yasuda Auditorium. The auditorium was completed in 1925, with the financial aid of Zenjiro Yasuda, who was a founder of Yasuda zaibatsu.

HP: www.u-tokyo.ac.jp

The building offers a magnificent and academic view. Not only this auditorium, but also other facilities in the campus offer similar serene atmosphere. Here's some examples:


Photo by Daverson Borja on Flickr


Photo by weed 77777 on Flicker
Photo by Chao-Wei Juan on Flickr

Gingko flowers are well-known in Hongo campus. In autumn, the main street of the campus is covered by yellow leaves of gingko trees. Actually, gingko leaves are adopted in the school badge of the University of Tokyo.

4.Nezu Shrine


Photo by Leonard Witzel on Flickr


Photo by 士航 魏 on Flickr


Photo by Hideya HAMANO on Flickr

There are some sightseeing spots around the campus. Nezu Shrine is one of them. The shrine is 15 minutes' walk from the campus. Torii, the red gate of a shrine, is especially famous. Many vermillion toriis are lining up to welcome visitors. Azaleas are also well-known, so the recommended season to visit is from April to May. Colorful azalea flowers are blooming in the season.

HP: www.nedujinja.or.jp (Japanese only)

map: (Google Map)

5. Shinobazu-ike Pond


Photo by Kabacchi on Flickr


Photo by tanakawho on Flickr

 This pond is also near the campus, 15 minutes' walk. Cherry blossoms are blooming around the pond in spring, and the pond is covered by lotuses in summer. In west side of the pond, you can enjoy boating with cute swan boats.

HP: www.gotokyo.org

map: (Google Map)

6. Yushima Tenmangu


Photo by Ben Garrett on Flickr


Photo by photholic.com on Flickr

This shrine is also not far from the University of Tokyo, and it enshrines Michizane Sugawara (845-903), who has long time been worshiped as the god of learning. In the shrine you will see many offerings of ema  hung. Ema is a wooden plate on which people write their wishes. The shrine is also famous for plum blossoms. The most recommended season to pay a visit to is from February to March.

HP: www.yushimatenjin.or.jp (Japanese only)

map: (Google Map)

 7. Aoi Napoli


Aoi Napoli is an Italian restaurant with wonderful atmosphere located about 20 minutes' walk from the University of Tokyo. The restaurant offers lunches as well as dinners. Pizzas are baked in a stone oven and emitting tasty smell. Pastas are also good. You will surely have a nice lunch/dinner there.

HP: www.aoinapoli.jp (Japanese only)

map: (Google Map)

8. Omiyayogashiten Hongoten


Established in 1884, the cake shop Omiyayogashiten has offered delicious cakes. In the shop, you can take a seat and have a cake there with a cup of drink. It is also not far from Hongo campus, about 5 minutes' walk from the Akamon Gate. It is a recommended place to have a break during your walking.

HP: www.ohmiyayougashiten.co.jp (Japanese only)

map: (Google Map)

9. Fire House


The hamburger shop Fire House is near Hongo campus and offers American-style tasty hamburgers. Meat putties, lettuces and cheese are put between slices of bread and it is a harmony of wheat and meat. I'm sure you will have a good time there.

HP: www.firehouse.co.jp (Japanese only)

map: (Google Map)

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