Visiting Ginza? Here Are 10 Recommended Variety Stores to Visit!

Ginza Station receives traffic from the Ginza, Marunouchi, and Hibiya Lines, offering convenient transportation options to and from other major stations in the Tokyo area. Although Ginza tends to be associated with high-end brand names and restaurants, there are also a number of general stores where you can find intriguing, quality goods at budget-friendly prices. This will be an introduction to some of those options, especially if you feel frazzled looking at the staggering brand-name price tags.

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10 Recommended Variety Shops in Ginza

1. Tokyo Kyukyodo Ginza Main Branch

Tokyo Kyukyodo is around a 1 minute walk from Ginza Station, and inside you'll find stationery goods with traditional Japanese themes. From letter papers and postcards, to washi (traditional hand-processed Japanese paper), many of the items make for attractive souvenirs and gifts exclusive to this kind of specialty store. The store is regularly frequented by visitors to Japan.    

The washi are made from trees with longer, more durable fibers like mulberry, birch, and hemp, and the intricate patterns and designs not only embody the cultural traditions, but a meticulous craftsmanship. Aside from washi, they offer other fine Japanese crafts that make beautiful additions to a room or office.

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2. Ginza Loft

Ginza Loft was reopened after renovations in spring of 2019, which included the expansion to the 1st and 2nd floors. Presently, the store regularly has 70,000 items on sale at any given time, and the broad range of products include everything from cosmetics to stationery. Different types of products are separated by each floor, making it easy to navigate while shopping. 

On the 1st floor, you'll find Loft's new cafe. There's also a popsicle shop and specialty sours shop, both of which are great places to take a break at while shopping. The ingredients for the popsicles are made with domestically produced fruits and vegetables, so you can confidently buy treats for your kids knowing that the products are both naturally-flavored and delicious.

3. collex Tokyu Plaza Ginza Branch

At collex, you'll not only find household goods, but products from a wide variety of genres including their own clothing line, as well as fashion accessories. The store atmosphere is bright and warm, and the selection is plentiful, making even widow shopping a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.   

They even have quite the selection of interior design wares, so you can check around for some new ornaments to change the personality of your room. There is a vast assortment of simple everyday items, and the store should be especially appealing for those who appreciate Northern European designs. Please consider stopping by while visiting Ginza.

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4. G.Itoya

G.Itoya is an old-fashioned stationery shop that has been around since 1904. Beginning with high-end writing utensils and notebooks, they have a wide variety of stationery goods available. The store itself spans from the basement floor up to the 12th floor, and various goods are clearly sorted by floor.

G.Itoya often carries products that are difficult to find elsewhere, and you may find some potential options for a quirky, one-of-a-kind souvenir. If you enjoy your visit to G.Itoya and have some spare time, you can also check out the nearby affiliate branch K.Itoya as well.

5. MILESTO Yurakucho Marui Branch

MILESTO is travel goods store founded under a concept of providing products that contribute to "living every day as a journey". Their shop caters to a somewhat niche market and is ideal for those who enjoy travel or as a place to find a gift for adventurous acquaintances.

The tastefulness of the products is better suited for an older and more mature customer base, and the assortment of simple yet high-utility bags are sure to be well received. Although prices aren't quite as friendly as more common variety shops, the store is highly acclaimed for the quality and durability of their products.

6. #0107 PLAZA

#0107 Plaza is a commercial complex in GINZA SIX, and presents itself as a haven for the avid shopper. Though Plaza is generally known for its bright atmosphere and products with bold colors, #0107 is distinguished by its wooden furnishings and a simple white color scheme. The warm color of the wooden display shelves, ample spacing, and elegant interior lighting scheme contribute to a relaxed atmosphere for you to shop in.     

The store is divided into a food & kitchen section, fashion & stationery section, and health & beauty section, with a selection of products from all around the world. There's even a bar stand where you can grab some cold pressed juice or pour-over coffee. 

7. IDEA SEVENTH SENSE Yurakucho Marui Branch

IDEA SEVENTH SENSE is a variety store specializing in interior design goods. The store concept, "enjoy every day", is reflected in the lineup of creative designs and colors that can vivify the atmosphere of your household. The novel designs are exciting to look at, even if you're just browsing.

Products are organized into 7 categories of kitchen, beauty, travel, office, interior, fashion, and sound. From essential oils to travel bags, their products are as aesthetically diverse as they are functional, and will undoubtedly make for fantastic souvenirs to add a custom flair to any room.  

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8. Vintage Deco Ginza Loft Branch

Vintage Deco carries products with a focus on antique, handmade pieces. The store and its selection are designed under the concept of a "young lady's flea market", and they regularly carry 2000 kinds of adorable vintage dolls, toys, and accessories at any given time. This location is also convenient to continue your shopping at the other stores in the area such as Ginza Loft.

Aside from the handicrafts, you'll find a broad range of goods, including antique medals, jewelry, and vintage dolls. There are also stick-on decorations that can be used to create your own original products by decorating the notepads and notebooks that can be found in the store.  


CIBONE CASE was born as an offshoot of CIBONE, a store specializing in ceramic tableware and interior decor from many distinguished brands. Their broad collection isn't limited to any particular genre, offering products from both domestic and international designers, all of which make for great gifts.

From interior decorations and kitchen products to fashion accessories, you'll have an enjoyable time just checking out the motley selection of original pieces here. There are also a number of products with creative designs that are exclusively offered at this location.

10. KEYUCA Ginza Branch

KEYUCA Ginza Branch is a store that specializes in general household goods. The store concept, "live simply and naturally", is embodied in their high-utility products and fashionable accessories, all of which can elevate your everyday life.

KEYUCA sets itself apart with their policy of having samples on display for all of their products, so you can take each item in your hands to get a better sense of how it would fit into your everyday life before purchasing. They organize their products into three stylistic genres of modern, elegant, and natural, all of which are on display, so you can find the items that best suit your room or home.

A Motley Medley of Unique and Fascinating Items Can be Found in Ginza's Variety Stores!

This has been an introduction to some recommended variety stores in Ginza. Shopping at variety stores with their broad selection of goods is an interesting experience in itself, but doing so while abroad provides a glimpse into new ideas in design, influenced by distinct cultural tastes. The care taken in the design, organization, and lighting of each location makes it easy to shop in both comfort and style. From convenient appliances to fashionable products, try taking a trip to any one of these stores to find the perfect gift or souvenir.


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