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UNIQLO Heat Tech

This has become one of the most popular winter items in Japan.

Japanese brand UNIQLO has becoe famous all over the world. Heat Tech, a product by UNIQLO that went on sale in 2003, has become a popular Japanese winter item.

Commercial for Heat Tech

What is Heat Tech?

Heat Tech are clothes with cold protection produced by UNIQLO. The clothing fibers get warm as they absorb moisture. The most attractive point of Heat Tech is that Heat Tech is warm though it is thin.

How warm is Heat Tech?

Different users have different opinions on how warm they feel in Heat Tech, but Heat Tech is strongly recommended for when you play sports such as golf or skiing outside. Some people buy Heat Tech in bulk before going on trips to cold weather countries such as Russia in winter.

You won’t need anything other than Heat Tech even in the coldest areas!

Why is it so popular?

Heat Tech was first released in 2003, with the goal of selling 1.5 million pieces. Sales have increased each year, and 100 million were sold in 2011. The total sum of sales have reached 299 million.

For Heat Tech, the sale output in 2011 achieved 100 million. Despite the fact that it’s only used in winter, the sales amount is tremendous. Why is that?

1. Cost/performance ratio is high

The image shows the item during a limited time sale at 690 yen. The camisole model is sold for 790 even on sale, and all items are around 1500 yen at most. If you think of it as underwear it might be a little expensive, but it is extremely cheap when you think of the quality. Its high functionality x cheapness is one of the big reasons it’s so popular, isn’t it?

2. You can layer them!

Heat Tech is thin and fits the body, so it’s best for layering in the winter without being concerned about functionality. Normally if you layer too many clothes, it makes your shoulders stiff and you look bigger. Don’t worry about this with Heat Tech. One is warm enough, but many people wear two Heat Tech pieces in mid-winter.


Enriched colors and shapes.

When Heat Tech was first released into the market, there were only a few colors such as black and gray, but now there are a lot of color variations and different silhouettes. There are many variations on necklines such as turtleneck, crew neck, U-neck, and V-neck. With such variation, you can enjoy dressing up more than ever.

▼Annual improvements

Uniqlo’s Heat Tech improves every year. The texture is smoother than ever in 2013 with the addition of camellia oil imbued in the ladies’ models to combat the dry winter air.

Through the ages, camellia oil has been used habitually by Japanese women as a natural skin-care oil and other beauty products.

Camellia oil is commonly used for hair care products as well as cosmetics.

What is camellia?

Camellia is an evergreen tree native to Japan. It produces red and white flowers from winter to spring, though the colors may change depending on the plant variety.

2013’s new product, “Heat Tech Extra Warm”

Heat Tech that’s 1.5 times warmer than before

A new Heat Tech that’s 1.5 times warmer has been announced. Considering regular Heat Tech is constantly sold out in the middle of winter, it will probably be very hard to get a hold of the new version. Be sure to buy some if you find them in a store. There are only two designs so far, but they only cost 1500 yen each.

By changing Heat Tech’s fabric weave and including a layer containing air, this new Heat Tech has managed to be 1.5 times warmer than the original. This style is recommended for very cold places such as when watching winter sports or going fishing.

Heat Tech Extra Warm advertises itself by saying that it’s extremely warm in both English and Japanese.
I am interested in how warm it is…

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