[Tokyo/Taito-ku] Both Beautiful and Delicious: Try Your Hand at Making Oshizushi

Oshizushi is a type of pressed sushi known for its shape resembling small, rectangular boxes. You’ll be taught how to form the sushi rice into these particularly streamlined shapes, topping them with a colorful assortment of ingredients, all while learning a little about the culinary history of sushi.

The onset of sushi’s popularity dates back as far as the Edo period (1603-1868), when nigiri sushi (hand-formed sushi) emerged as a hugely popular fast food for the impatient natives of the bustling city of Edo (present-day Tokyo).
Prior to the rise in popularity of nigiri sushi in Edo, the term sushi typically referred to oshizushi or barazushi (chirashizushi), which literally means “scattered sushi” since the raw fish and vegetables are served over a bowl of rice.
Even today, there are plenty of different kinds of oshizushi across Japan.

In this class, you’ll be learning to make this especially picturesque kind of sushi.
You’ll finish off the class with a delectable meal of your sushi along with some seasonal vegetable dishes and miso soup made with dashi (broth) taken from shrimp heads.

[Class Contents] You’ll be trying your hand at making your own oshizushi.

[Description of Dishes Made] Oshizushi, miso soup, seasonal vegetable dishes, tsukemono (pickled vegetables)

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