[Pancakes in Tokyo] For supreme toppings, try Pancake Mama Cafe VoiVoi! (Sangenjaya)

In our Pancakes in Tokyo series, we will be introducing great pancake restaurants in Tokyo recommended by bloggers. This post was contributed by Omaru, one of the writers behind popular Japanese blog Tacchans (http://tacchans.blog.jp/).


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If you eat this, you'll definitely be full of joy.

This pancake shop is in an area that's slightly separated from the business districts of the city: Sangenjaya. 

This joyful restaurant is just a minute walk away from the station
Pancake Mama Cafe 

Sangenjaya 1-35-15, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

If you love pancakes, you can't miss this shop!!

This pancake specialty shop has consistently been very popular for many years♪

You will certainly be able to enjoy Japan's pancake culture here!! 

In Nasukougen, there's Mori no VoiVoi (I definitely want to go here!!)
In Osaka and Kyoto, there's mog, and in Nagoya there's Vege.
Sister shops♪

The atmosphere of the shop is very relaxing

Their original goods are very cute, and all the decorations are meant to make you feel at ease. 

There are picture books about pancakes also decorating the restaurant☆

The sight of parents enjoying delicious-looking pancakes with their children is very lovely(*^^*)

You can make reservations by phone, which is great! 

I went with a friend and we were able to go after making reservations~(人゚∀゚*)

We were hungry, so we ordered the drink set. It came with soup♪

Their original cup is so cute!! (*´ェ`*)

This delicious soup made with vegetables, mushrooms, and bacon will heal you to your very core~♪

When I finished the soup, I peeked at the bottom and...

Ah! So cute!! (*ノ∀`*)

Around the time our empty stomachs had calmed down thanks to the soup,

Our perfectly cooked pancakes arrived!! 

Classic Buttermilk Pancake, 700 yen

(3 pancakes, butter, maple syrup)

Coffee or tea or soup set 1025 yen

I added 3 kinds of toppings to my order ☆
Pure whipped cream +180 yen
Salt caramel+180 yen
Cinnamon raisin cream cheese +200 yen


They have lots of gorgeous pancake dishes that are quite charming,

But I really love the additional toppings so I always get something simple(*´ー`*)

There are toppings other than the ones I ordered, including ice cream, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce, and on the savory side there's bacon, sausage, cheese, hash browns, and more

The daily topping that day was a milk tea sauce, but I didn't notice it until it was too late. I should have ordered it!・゚・(゚´Д`゚)・゚・

The real pleasure of these pancakes is their airy thickness. That's what I came here for. 

The cute logo is branded into the pancake!!

This is the true VoiVoi pancake♪

The toppings are, from left to right, pure whipped cream, butter, maple syrup, salt caramel, and cinnamon raisin cream cheese.

This pancake was originally plain, but I put a lot of butter and maple syrup! 

Maybe I put too much~(*´艸`*)

Here is my original customized pancake!!
First put on enough butter that you can't see the logo
Cover it in all of the cream cheese! 

Then on top of that, put all of the whipped cream♪
My friend is picky about whipped cream, and when she saw mine, she said 
"Just by looking I can tell it's the kind of whipped cream I like"
She can tell just by the visual (●´ー`●)
Here's the blissful sight♪
As a finishing touch, cover it in the warm salt caramel!! 

Is this too over the top?! 
It looks like it's too much at a glance, but actually it isn't overloaded and the flavors go together just right!! 

This is what's so great about VoiVoi☆
Their toppings are naturally delicious (*^^*)
It looks so perfectly delicious.
So delicious that it's painful to keep taking pictures for the blog instead of finally eating it. 
P2400238Take notice of the clouds of steam that come up the moment you cut into it♪

Time to eat!!
It's so delicious I feel faint. 
My mouth is full of happiness!! What should I do?
I'm so happy I want to yell it from the rooftops~♪♪♪

The power of the joy that hit me when I bit into it made me feel like I could fly into the sky...
The biggest charm of VoiVoi is the buttermilk pancake itself. 

The moment you put it in your mouth, the fragrance of the pancake fills your senses.

Its springiness makes for a great texture that's easy to eat.

This deliciousness will definitely make lots of people happy!! 

The first bite should definitely be eaten simply! 
First I took off the layer at the very bottom and ate it simply with maple syrup and whipped cream. ♪

Then I tried my topping choices of salt caramel, cream cheese, and whipped cream...

These topping choices exceeded my  expectations!

(It's not the choices, it's VoiVoi that's the great one.)

It has just the right amount a bit of sweetness, a little bit of saltiness, and the best amount of bitterness.
The cream cheese has a thickness to it that feels luxurious...

With one bite all of your senses are overwhelmed...
You feel like your heart's been pierced by an arrow.

What is this!!


That's the face you'll make.

It's just so delicious! 

My friend was also moved by the whipped cream!!

The cream is so rich you won't be able to get enough (*´艸`*)

I thought I put too much butter, but actually putting a lot of it was just right.

I thought I may have ordered too many toppings, but ordering all of them was a great idea. To the point that I thought I should've ordered all the toppings.

(I would've run out of pancake.)

All of VoiVoi's topping are all wonderful, make no mistake.

None of them fade into the background.

All of them are as delicious as possible! 

After we finished eating, we finally looked up from our plates and looked around.

Everyone in the restaurant looked like they were enjoying themselves♪

Somehow, this restaurant in this calm area away from the bustle of the business district that offers smiles to everyone that tries their pancakes - doesn't thinking of it make you feel happy?(●´ー`●)
That's what my friend said and it was such a good comment I decided to put it in this post, too (*´艸`*)
She's totally right!!

She's recently gotten much better about talking about what she thinks about the restaurant and what she thinks about the pancake she's eating ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノw

She understood the joy of VoiVoi on her first time♪
That made this entire visit perfect(*^^*)

It's away from the areas where we usually live our lives, but it's still a restaurant you'll want to become a regular♪

Pancake Mama Cafe

Sangenjaya 1-35-15 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

Business hours
11:30〜20:00(Last order 19:15)
11:30〜21:00(Last order 20:15)
Weekends and holidays 
11:00〜20:00(Last order 19:15)
They have irregular holidays, so please check the website before you go. 

 This post was contributed by Omaru, one of the writers behind popular Japanese blog Tacchans (http://tacchans.blog.jp/).

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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