Traveling Safely in Japan

A list of places in Japan taking proper COVID-19 precautions

Planning to visit Japan? Let us introduce you to stores and facilities in the country taking proper coronavirus precautions so that you can fully and safely enjoy your trip.

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How Japan Battles COVID-19

Avoid the three Cs!

In addition to following proper cough and hand-washing etiquette, the Japanese government has called for everyone to avoid the three Cs in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

<span>C</span>losed spaces

Places with bad ventilation

Closed spaces

<span>C</span>rowded places

Many people in one place

Crowded places

<span>C</span>lose-contact settings

Talking from a close distance

Close-contact settings

For more information, please check the Cabinet Secretariat's COVID-19 Information and Resources page.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 in Japan

Places Taking Proper COVID-19 Precautions

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