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Yeah, she’s just the cover pic…she got your attention though, right?

photo by Alf Melin on

Ideally, wedding photos should be like exquisite works of art: Nobody should know how much work went into making them that way! Especially when the subject of your photos is Japan, where traditional Shinto weddings still take place today. Nothing would be worse than letting unnecessary signs of the times ruin your big day, right?

FYI, I think this is an engagement photo

photo by gwaar on

This one was obviously taken by a professional photographer–the kimono his subject is wearing seems to be almost pecking her hand, albeit gently. This photo could have been taken today, or 100 years ago–it’s timeless, don’t you agree?

No pith…this is simply wonderful

photo by Yoshihide HANAKI on

Now this one is priceless, split almost down the middle by the line of the boat and showcasing the green of the water verses the read of the parasol and carpeting. The bride’s upturned face shows hope for the future, her husband’s black robe contrasting nicely with her white one. There’s nothing here that tarnishes the picture-perfect memory they will have from this day forward.

Too bad I don’t have any OTHERS like these!

Why the parasol, you ask? I don’t really know

photo by moaksey on

Let’s start with this scene…it looks so picturesque, right? A flawless wedding procession, probably out of Meiji Shrine or somewhere like that…

And as for why the hat is different, that’s another blog

photo by Jim Epler on

…with Shinto monks leading the way, as things have always been and always will be…

Anyway, I’m too distracted to listen to your questions right now!

photo by Sébastien Bertrand on

..until that guy on the right showed up and ruined everything! Geez, he’s not even dressed for the wedding! The rudeness of some people, right? Well, in all fairness, this happens all the time as that’s a public temple and people don’t stop coming just ’cause there’s a wedding. But you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty funny.

Could this scenery be more charming?

photo by Nikita on

I can’t be sure, but this looks like the Torii Gate in Miyajima. Wherever it is, cue the music–this is a timeless photo of a traditional wedding couple having a ride in a jinriki-sha, that carriage you see there. I’ve seen gates like that up close, and they are just as fantastic as you might imagine, especially with a just-married couple riding toward their collective destiny together…

Or this building more ugly?

photo by Sergey on

…and then you have to go and ruin the whole thing by putting some 21st-century BUILDING into the background. I mean, could people be more inconsiderate? Who can I call about this? Well, again to be fair, there isn’t a heck of space to work with in Japan, so people do the best they can. I’ve seen these things going through streets even busier than this sometimes, and they actually make a cool contrast to all the buses and stuff.

Her mother looks petrified, don’t you think?

photo by istolethetv on

There’s very little to mar this portrait of another happily wedded pair, the woman looking like some kind of elegant ghost, the man quite gentle in his contrasting duds. The colors in the crowd make everything pop, but maybe that’s too modern for some people…

But the groom isn’t worried, apparently

photo by Pietro Zuco on

…so they might try to go black and white to get just the right traditional feel. Trouble is, no matter how colorless your print, the 24-hour store in the background still sticks out! HA! Modern Japan bites back again.

What’s he doing, you ask?

photo by np and djjewell on

Finally we have a couple who appears to be completely alone and carefree, enjoying themselves in a spot right out of a Japanese woodcut. But we know that the camera is watching them…

I know! He’s probably devising a plan to evade the paparazzi!

photo by np and djjewell on

And that it is ready, at any moment, to jump up in our line of sight and ruin what could have been a dream! Well, actually, this is still a pretty cool pic, but what’s with the dude in the jacket back there? Relax, buddy, Japan’s a safe country.

This is just too cute

photo by istolethetv on

Well, I think you can see what I mean when I say that modern Japan can be pretty hazardous to traditional weddings. I know these curiously mismatched feet agree with me.

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