Top 7 Tokyo Cafes to Relax in with Children

When on vacation, sometimes you just want to spend some leisurely time at a local cafe or restaurant. But this simple act is hard when you have children, as you have a lot of baggage and can’t help but show some consideration towards those around you. On top of this, not all cafes have sufficient facilities for those with children. However, there are a few cafes in Tokyo that cater to people visiting with children. Below are 7 of the top cafes in Tokyo that have come up with creative and unique ways to cater for adults with children.


Food & Drinks

1. Tsumugu Cafe [Sendagi]

Tsumugu Cafe is located along the narrow Shinobazu Street (Shinobazu-dori), which is only 5 minutes away by foot from Sendagi Station. Both adults and children alike can take their shoes off and relax on the raised seats. The food and drinks are absolutely delicious here, and the cute Pumpkin Latte is highly recommended!

Homemade bacon, broccoli, king oyster mushrooms, meat sauce, and other ingredients are used in their hearty Bread Gratin dish. It is popular among children, as the flavors of a wide variety of delicious ingredients can be experienced in a single dish. Since the interior is rearranged every month, the cafe feels fresh every time you visit.

2. All Day Home [Musashi Koyama]

Located in Musashi Koyama, this restaurant almost feels like a park due to all the children’s playground equipment! Children can play as much as they like in the cafe’s safe ball pit. There’s also no need for any weather concerns, as all the facilities are indoor.

Although the menu predominately focuses around traditional Japanese homecooked cuisine by using seasonings such as miso, soy sauce, and rice malt, it also includes authentic, freshly made pasta and handmade pizza. There are also some cute dishes made especially for children that look amazing! This cafe can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, not only via the great food and facilities, but also due to the numerous events that also take place.

3. Chano-ma Daikanyama [Daikanyama]

Take your shoes off and make yourself at home in this cafe, which is located right next to Daikanyama Station! The clean mattresses used for the raised seating areas are perfect for small babies to sleep on. There is also a breastfeeding room, as well as sheets for changing diapers on.

Not only can baby strollers be brought into this cafe, but it is also acceptable to bring in your own baby food! The menu has an abundance of healthy vegetable dishes to put anyone’s mind at ease. Sets that come with a drink or soup are the most popular.

4. Shirokuma Cafe [Takadanobaba, Nishi Waseda]

This cafe in Takadanobaba has relaxing sofa seats and a special children’s area. Illustrations from the anime, “Shirokuma Cafe”, are on display, and any empty seats are filled with cuddly toys. The special performances aimed at children are especially popular. Although the cafe was originally modelled on the anime with the same name, there are plenty of customers who come without knowing the anime.

The menu predominantly consists of Western cuisine, such as hot dogs, Japanese curry, and a pancake that’s popular with children. Kids love seeing how their cute dishes are creatively served up!

5. Panda Cafe [Tawaramachi]

Baby strollers can be brought into this family-orientated cafe located in Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s leading sightseeing areas. Both food and alcohol can be consumed on the first floor of the cafe, which has a resort hotel feel. The second floor has tatami mat flooring and a children’s area full of picture books and toys that can be freely used. There are also private rooms available for those who wish to breastfeed.

The panda Cheesecake that matches their name is very cute and highly recommended!

6. Moomin Cafe [Korakuen, Suidobashi]

Laqua is a shopping facility located on the grounds of Tokyo Dome City, Korakuen. It might be because it is a theme park, but lots of facilities that children can enjoy are available here! Moomin Cafe – which is based on the popular Finnish character, Moomin – is one of these facilities.

Some dishes and drinks available on the menu are even modelled on the Moomins! Customers can choose the design of their choice for the cute Silhouette Latte, which has a cute character drawn into the white foam. The espresso with milk is also very delicious!

7. Kawara Cafe&Kitchen [Kichijoji]

This cafe is located on the 7th floor of Parco, a commercial facility located right outside JR Kichijoji Station. Both adults and children alike can take their shoes off and relax at this cafe’s raised seats or comfortable sofa seats.

Not only are lots of fruits used in the flamboyant Very Berry Pancake, but the size is also great value for money! There are also pancakes with Japanese-style toppings, such as red beans or shiratama (rice flour dumplings). Highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth!


All the cafes introduced are places which can be enjoyed with children in tow. They have paid meticulous attention to detail – such as with food and drinks – and creatively thought up of methods that will let both adults and children comfortably relax and spend time together.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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