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“A large number of train station bentos are sold at Toueki (Tokyo Station).”
“You can purchase the best train station bentos in Toueki at the stall “Ekiben-ya Umaimon” managed by NRE (Nihon Restaurant Enterprise) under JR Higashi Nihon.” (NRE is JREast’s catering company based in Tokyo.)
“For people who travel a lot on long distance trains like the bullet train, they collect a lot of ekiben at every stop.”

As expected, Tokyo is the center of Japan. It’s not just bentos in the Kantou area, but there are also gourmet bentos from the countryside. You can get a hold of famous bentos from every area and it feels like “Tokyo Station”. It’s exciting.

Shinise no Aji Tokyo Bento

This is a bento with recommended items from various shops around Tokyo called “first of their kind”.
You can enjoy the flavors of famous shops here and there in one box, and you have to acknowledge its popularity.
You can buy it throughout the year.
It’s sold for 1,600 yen inside Tokyo Station at “Eki Bento.”
Isn’t it perfect for people who demand classical bentos?

By No Means, Under No Circumstances Sushi

The name has nothing to do with it.
However, that “under no circumstances” should be a wealthy-like detail.
Trout, salmon, crab, and salmon roe are tidily arranged on top of sushi rice.
It’s a bento that takes some time because they skillfully arrange it one by one.
Please try it when you have time to enjoy it leisurely.
It’s a bento that serves the taste of Japanese seafood.
It’s sold for 1,050 yen at Bento-ya Umaimon.

Yakihama Don (Baked Seashore on Rice)

A rather classy line…
Presented in a ceramic container shaped like a seashell, it’s filled with rice cooked with burdock.
The top of the rice is studded with baked and boiled clams, each with their own flavor.
You can hold on to the container and use it whenever you want. The author wonders whether Japanese people are the proprietors of this “wasteful spirit”…
It’s sold for 1,100 yen at Ekiben-ya Umaimon.

Hiraizumi Sea Urchin Rice

While people’s opinions are different, if you like sea urchin and salmon roe, this bento is irresistible.
This bento is arranged for people who think “within Japan’s seafood, I particularly want to eat fish eggs!”
It’s not just for when you’re going on a long trip, but it’s also good as a gift.
It’s sold for 1,000 yen at Ekiben-ya Umaimon.

Hachinohe Sabobou Zushi

Vinegared chub mackerel plus a thin layer of kombu seaweed rides heartily upon a bed of sushi rice.
Because the mackerel is so thick, you’ll wonder if you’re even eating mackerel sushi.
This is a luxurious item.
Because it seems like it will go well with alcohol, please try eating it on long trips paired up with Japanese sake.
It sells for 1,300 yen at Ekiben-ya Umaimon.

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