Top 3 Instant Cup Noodles at 7-Eleven in Japan - See Which Instant Ramen is Most Popular With Japanese People!

Japanese convenience stores are known for their phenomenal high quality, and have received global praise for their incredible convenience, stocking anything you might need in your daily life at any hour of the day, from a myriad of top quality fresh food and drinks, to luxury items like alcohol and cigarettes and daily necessities. This has made them essential to the Japanese people's everyday lives. 7-Eleven is especially popular among the many major chains in Japan, having reached the top of the sales chart each year. They regularly announce popularity rankings for products under their original Seven Premium brand, and in this article, we'll introduce the top 3 items in the cup noodles category! In recent years, Japanese cup noodles are continuously coming out with high-quality instant noodles that even hold their own with ramen specialty shops. They've been gaining many fans both within and outside of Japan for their impressive flavors, so you're probably curious to see which products sit at the top of the cup ramen throne!


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