The 24 Top-Rated Cafes in the Umeda Area of Osaka

The area around Osaka Station is a popular spot for gourmet dining and is bustling with people every day. The area around Umeda Station is particularly crowded with stylish places to eat delicious food, such as dining bars which are great for parties, and hole-in-the-wall cafes where you can relax in a private room. Here are some of the best cafes for Instagrammable shots, coffee, and late-night dining!

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Top 8 Insta-worthy Cafes

1. Belle-Ville

This is a well-established cafe that is famous for its pancakes. What makes these pancakes great is their incredibly fluffy texture from using a heap of meringue in the batter. You can choose from a stack of 2, 4, or 8 pancakes. The highlight is the extravagant 8-layer stack of pancakes which you'll definitely want to take a shot of for Instagram!

2. cafe&books bibliotheque

The stylish cafe&books bibliotheque is also part bookstore. The food menu is perfection, but the best part is the dessert. Both the appearance and flavor of the desserts are outstanding, whether you're having the pudding, the pancakes topped with extravagant mousse, or the cake made with lavish fruits.

3. Factory Cafe Umeda

Factory Cafe Umeda is a dining bar located in the Umeda Station Underpass that serves authentic wines and Italian cuisine. Dishes such as the colorful bagna cauda, fresh seafood carpaccio, and the generous lamb plate have a big impact in terms of both appearance and flavor.

4. Elephant Cafe

Elephant Cafe, where you can enjoy authentic South East Asian cooking, has a fantastic vibe. Surrounded by colorful Asian wares, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to South East Asia. Both the sweet and savory menu here are divine, so you will be thoroughly satisfied no matter when you come here. 

5. The Grand Cafe

The Grand Cafe on the 6th floor of Hilton Plaza West has a spectacular open feel due to the 7.3m ceiling height and the panoramic view of Umeda from the window. The gorgeously arranged cake set and afternoon tea set containing seasonal fruits are especially popular.

6. MUU MUU DINER Fine Hawaiian Cuisine NU Chayamachi Plus Store

MUU MUU DINER Fine Hawaiian Cuisine is a Hawaiian cafe where you can unwind with Hawaiian music within a resort-style interior. In addition to the generously portioned savory menu options such as loco moco and chicken steak, the menu is complete with sweets such as pancakes and acai bowls.

7. Creperie Stand Chandeleur

Chandeleur is a cafe specializing in authentic French-style crepes. The extravagant arrangement filled with fruits and cream is very insta-worthy. This is completely different to any crepe you’ve seen up until now. 

8. CACAO SAMPAKA Osaka Umeda Branch

At CACAO SAMPAKA, only chocolate that has been expertly hand-crafted by artisans from select cacao beans is used. The beautifully served sweets have earned a great reputation for their appearance and smooth, high-quality flavor.

Top 8 Relaxing Coffee Shops with Retro Vibes

1. Coffee Shop Arisa

Coffee Shop Arisa’s cool exterior has a dignified look, like an old European building. The uniform dark-brown interior with stained-glass windows and antique chairs is calm and classy. Here you will find treasured flavors of old-school dishes like Napolitan pasta and hotcakes with very reasonable prices.

2. Marufuku Coffee-ten Lucua 1100 Store

Marufuku Coffee-ten, a coffee shop whose history goes back to its establishment in Showa 9 (1935), opened a new store in Lucua 1100 in 2015. The coffee blended with veteran coffee shop know-how and the specialty hayashi rice are highly recommended. You can also order the cakes and sweets to-go, so you can even buy them as a souvenir.

3. Coffee no Mori

Coffee no Mori is a hip coffee shop with a retro vibe. The shop’s specialty, the mix toast sando set, is a generous dish of fluffy egg and ham sandwiched between two slices of well-toasted bread. On weekdays they are open from 7:30 am so it is a great spot for people working around the Umeda Station area. 

4. Coffee Shop Sunshine

Sunshine is a long-standing coffee shop that was established in 1973. The fluffy house-made pancakes are the talk of the town, having appeared many times in the media, and luckily, you can order them anytime from morning until night here. Another highlight is the reasonable price of the blend coffee that's roasted in-house and menu items like omurice (omelet filled with seasoned fried rice) that have been popular since the place first opened.

5. YC Umeda Store

There is a staircase leading up to the second floor from the entrance of YC Umeda. Antique paintings and decor give the cafe a very retro atmosphere. The juicy pork katsu sando and fluffy omelet sando are extremely popular for their great value.

6. Cafe Arabiq

One of the menu highlights at Cafe Arabiq is the Maria Theresia, a dark roasted coffee drink with orange liqueur and topped with whipped cream and colorful konpeito (small sugar candies). They display and sell not only books, but also paintings and dolls. Relax and read a book while surrounding yourself with beautiful art pieces. 

7. Nishimura Coffee Shop Umeda Branch


Nishimura Coffee Shop is a well-established cafe that originated in Kobe. Starting with their original blend, you can enjoy coffee made from beans sourced in various countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Kenya. The desserts, including tarts, chocolat, and mont blanc, are from their bakery, Succession, and are absolutely superb.

8. King of Kings

Bar and coffee shop King of Kings is a place where you can really feel the Showa era (1926 - 1989) retro vibe, complete with stained-glass windows and a grand piano. There is even an alcohol menu which includes scotch whisky. This place is also recommended for private parties. 

Top 8 Cafes Open Late


AMARANTI is an Italian cafe located right beside JR Osaka Station. At lunchtime, the menu includes all-you-can-eat sides and a salad bar so you can eat until you’re content. The spacious interior includes terrace seating and loft seating, making this a great spot for gatherings and parties.

2. Bali Lax The Garden Umeda

The impressive Bali Lax The Garden Umeda is modeled after a Balinese resort and is a great place to enjoy authentic ethnic cuisine. Soak up the extraordinary vibes in the pool-adjoining terrace seating or the private curtained seating.  

3. colors

Colors is a comfortable space with sofa seating. At lunchtime, you may see a line forming for the popular homemade bread all-you-can-eat buffet. The food menu offers plenty of choice, such as pizza and pasta, and in the evening you can enjoy a quiet meal in comfort.


At COOKPARK, the customizable lunch menu is a favorite. You can select your choice of noodles, sauce, and ingredients for pasta dishes, and also choose from 8 dessert toppings.

5. VERDE cafe&bar

VERDE opened in March 2019 and is a green cafe offering plenty of vegetable menu items. You should definitely try the healthy dishes here made using farm-fresh vegetables. 

6. Art Restaurant Christon Bar

This restaurant, with its church theme and interior decorated with Western antiques, is an extraordinary space with a dignified feeling. Here you can enjoy some of their amazing, original Japanese-style Italian dishes. This is a great way to spend an evening in the Osaka Station area.  

7. Muse Chayamachi Spanish Italian & Terrace

At Muse Chayamachi Spanish Italian & Terrace, you can revel in delicious Spanish Italian cuisine. The menu is extravagant, with over 25 starters and mains ranging from pasta and pizza to paella. Enjoy your meal in various settings, from a private room to terrace seating.


At GARB MONAQUE you can experience the feeling of openness created by the 3m tall glass windows and spacious terrace seating. Here, you'll be able to enjoy French and Italian food made with seasonal produce. There is also a bar that opens in the evening so this is the perfect spot for those who love a good drink.  

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Enjoy Yourself at These Great Cafes in Umeda, Osaka

From stylish, Insta-worthy spots, to old-school places with retro vibes, Umeda offers many cafes coming from different scenes. Whether you’re taking it easy on your own, or hanging out with friends, you’re bound to find the cafe that suits you just right with these top-rated cafes!


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