The 20 Best Bakeries in Kobe: From Stylish Patisseries to Budget Picks

Kobe is a popular sightseeing destination that boasts a wealth of fashionable and high-end stores. Kobe's history as an international port means you can find a blend of European influences in the food culture here, and you shouldn't miss the chance to try Kobe's famous sweets and bread. There are many excellent bakeries to choose from here, so read on for our picks of the 20 best bakeries in Kobe!


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10 Recommended Bakeries in Kobe

1. Comme Chinois

As far as bakeries in Kobe go, you can't go wrong with Comme Chinois. Located conveniently just a 5-minute walk from Sannomiya Station, the bakery is bustling with both locals and tourists. The spacious store has an appetizing array of breads on display, so it should come as no surprise that this bakery frequently attracts passersby.

One of the especially recommended items is the banana and cream filled pastry called Sonna Banana, which is a play on words on the Japanese phrase, "sonna bakana" (what the heck). The mildly sweet flavor of banana goes very well with the generous serving of cream, and it can be eaten either for breakfast or dessert.

2. Ca marche

Ca marche is a bakery with a stylish atmosphere located around an 11-minute walk from Sannomiya Station. The bakery has received many positive customer reviews saying that this is the bakery to go for French bread in Kobe. Their bread is ideal for those who prefer a slightly harder texture.

One of the bestsellers at Ca marche is the bread known as briller. Briller is made with less water than usual to draw out a stronger flavor in the bread. Though known for its hard dough, the inside of the bread remains soft and chewy. From white chocolate to Kujo-grown leek, there is a plentiful selection of flavored briller breads to choose from.

3. Furoindo

Furoindo, located a 3-minute walk from Okamoto Station, is yet another highly reputable bakery. They are known for their shokupan, a fluffy Japanese white bread characterized by its aromatic crust. Inside the bakery, you'll find plenty of breads to choose from, including mini loaves of shokupan, bite-sized walnut breads, and French sourdough bread.

The walnut bread is one of their specialties. The bread is made with plenty of walnuts, and is characterized by the satisfyingly firm texture of the dough. It's even possible to make reservations for specific breads, so if there's a particular bread you're interested in trying, you won't have to worry about it selling out.

4. Pan-Yaki Dokoro RIKI

Pan-Yaki Dokoro RIKI is a 5-minute walk from Motomachi Station. There are lines coming out of this hugely popular bakery every day, even on weekdays. Their freshly baked croissants are especially popular. They tend to sell out as soon as the bakery opens, so consider getting there early to beat the competition.

These croissants have a delicious crunch, and you're sure to enjoy their rich buttery flavor. The Amaou Danish pastry is also well reviewed by customers. The sweet, juicy flavor of the Fukuoka-grown Amaou strawberries complements the pastry nicely. This bread is not only a great treat for children at snack time, but it also makes for a perfect gift.

5. Le Dimanche Tor Road Store

Le Dimanche is a bakery located a 4-minute walk from Motomachi Station. Here you'll also find a cafe inside, so you can get right to your breads after buying them! Why not stop by for a bite for lunch or take a break here while sightseeing? 

The pain au chocolat (French for chocolate bread) is especially popular at this bakery. The crunchy exterior of the bread is filled with rich chocolate cream, and is extremely popular with both children and adults. You can also choose to have them set aside specific breads before they sell out. Be sure to pay this bakery a visit while you're in Kobe.

6. Place de Pasto

Just a 4-minute walk from Kobe Station, Place de Pasto offers breads and pastries made with a heavy influence from French bakeries. The bakery's distinctive exterior also has traces of European architectural influences, and inside you'll find an interior design that exudes an elegant and modern feel.

The fresh cheese breads with white or black sesame are highly praised choices. Each bite is punctuated by a pronounced sesame flavor that goes very well with the rich, fresh cheese. Please consider even a quick visit for the chance to try some of these breads.

7. Bigot Kobe Kokusaikaikan Store

Bigot is a mere 40 meters from Sannomiya Station, making it an easy location to swing by for those who may be getting around by train. The owner of the store is known for spreading French bread-baking methods in Japan.

Inside the bakery you'll find all kinds of French breads and baguettes. Among them, our recommendation is the raisin bread. With a crunchy crust and fluffy texture inside, this bread is delicious toasted or warmed.

8. un peu de

Un peu de is located a 2-minute walk from Konan Yamate Station, and has a reputation for its friendly employees and lighthearted atmosphere. Stop by with your family or perhaps even pick up some sandwiches for a picnic at one of the nearby parks.

Their specialty is the campagne sandwich made with basil chicken. Chicken seasoned with flavorful basil herbs is nestled between slices of thick crust sandwich bread; this generously-sized sandwich is a great option for lunch or for dinner. Make sure to visit when you're feeling especially hungry!

9. Tommy's Sannomiya Branch

Tommy's is a bakery located a 4-minute walk from Sannomiya Station known for their Matcha-An Shokupan. This bread is made with Japanese white bread, matcha (finely ground powder of green tea leaves), and red bean paste. There are a couple of different variations to this bread with walnuts and matcha, all of which are very popular. The prices are also extremely budget-friendly!

The Matcha An Shokupan is made with Hokkaido red bean paste and black beans from the Tanba region. The subtle sweetness is enjoyed by everyone from children to elderly folks. Be sure to give this bakery a try after browsing the fashionable Kobe stores in the area.

10. Freundlieb

Freundlieb is well known in Japan as the setting for a scene in a popular morning drama. In addition to bread, the bakery serves cakes and Western sweets. One of their popular items is their soft toast which is characterized by a satisfyingly crunchy texture and a hint of sweetness.


The bakery also has a cafe where you can rest your tired feet or just stop by in the afternoon when you start to feel peckish. Aside from their popular breads, it's worth paying a visit for a taste of their German-style baked sweets and pies.

5 Recommended Stylish Kobe Bakeries

1. Briller

Briller is the bakery to visit when you're looking for a location that has an exquisite ambience to match its delicious breads. The cozy, picturesque storefront opens to a spacious interior where you can take your time choosing from the many attractive options here. This is a perfect place to stop for a break while sightseeing!

The bakery is known for their plentiful selection of sandwiches and hot dog breads. The Teriyaki Chicken Dog, with its appetizing sweet and spicy flavor is especially popular. The generous serving of chicken is very filling and offers great bang for your buck. Be sure to try it if you visit this bakery.

2. Le Pan Kobe Kitano Main Store

Le Pan is around a 10-minute walk from Sannomiya Station, so you might want to consider a bus or taxi if you're just looking to try out the bakery. The bread-colored honeycomb tiles, warm lighting, and breads of many shapes and sizes that line the wooden shelves all contribute to the cozy atmosphere here. Stop by to browse their delicious breads made with the freshest local ingredients.

There are many signs throughout the shop giving a detailed description of each type of bread. You'd be hard pressed not to find something that catches your eye! The bakery is open from 8:00 am, and you couldn't ask for a better place to get some breakfast.

3. marzi-pan

Marzi-pan can be found a 5-minute walk from Sanyo Tarumi Station, and you'll find an ample selection of bagels to choose from here. This bakery is very reasonably priced - the plain bagel costs only 100 yen, and even the most expensive option is only 160 yen!

As budget-friendly as this bakery is, it doesn't mean they compromise on flavor! All marzi-pan bagels are made with whole wheat flour and have a mildly sweet flavor. A customer favorite is the apple cinnamon raisin bagel. Their deliciously chewy dough is very well reviewed, so be sure to try it out during your trip to Kobe.

4. Boulangerie La Lune

Boulangerie La Lune is a small bakery with a welcoming, wood-toned interior located a 7-minute walk from the West Exit of Motomachi Station. Many customers rave about their croissants and fruit danishes. The chocolate almond cream danish is especially popular. 

The breads made with fresh, naturally sweet fruits and carefully-chosen ingredients are all superb. Not only is the bakery located conveniently near the station, they even have some unique snacks that would go perfectly with a drink.

5. Isuzu Bakery Kitanozaka Store

Isuzu Kitanozaka is a bakery with a sleek black color scheme located a 5-minute walk from Sannomiya Station. This popular bakery has been featured on TV and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. You can even visit this bakery for a late-night outing on Fridays and Saturdays when the bakery is open until midnight.

If in doubt on what to get, try the salted bread or the salted-butter bread. The salted bread has just a touch of salt to go along with hard textured bread, while the salted-butter bread has a more moist and chewy texture thanks to the generous use of plenty of rich butter. One taste of this aromatic bread is sure to be the start of an addiction.

5 Recommended Budget-Friendly Kobe Bakeries

1. Haune Bayer Santica Store

It's just a brief walk to Haune Bayer Santica after getting off the train at Sannomiya Station. Many customers flock to this bakery for its convenient location and the great prices on their entire lineup of breads.

At this bakery, the countertop trays are lined with breads prepared using carefully-selected ingredients and natural yeast. Haune Bayer also offer whole wheat bread as an option for the health-conscious. The salted butter bread is a hot seller at Haune Bayer. If you don't have time to eat it right away, just heat it up in the microwave to revitalize the moist texture of the dough. Stop by this bakery for some freshly baked breads at an irresistible price.

2. Shokupan no Mise Shunkashuto Kosoku Kobe Store

Shokupan no Mise Shunkashuto is a popular bakery located a short walking distance from Kobe Station. Shokupan no Mise specializes in bread with a soft, airy texture and a slight sweetness. This bread also develops a delicious crunchy texture when toasted.

The bakery has an avid customer base, and the popular breads sell out extremely quickly, so it's best to arrive for the morning batch to beat the rush hour crowds in the evening. Be sure to stop by while sightseeing to see why this bakery has everyone hooked!

3. bienvenue

Bienvenue is located a 15-minute walk from Rokkomichi Station, so it's an easy stop for anyone getting around by car or taxi. It's known for its adorable exterior that resembles a cake shop.


Inside, you'll find display windows lined with a variety of different kinds of sweet breads that make for great desserts. Window shopping here is an exciting experience in and of itself. Their raisin bread is highly recommended for its addictive, sweet and tart raisin flavor and its satisfyingly crunchy crust.

4. BAKU BAKU Kobe Main Store

Many customers frequent BAKUBAKU for their fresh, delicious-tasting breads offered at reasonable prices. Here you'll have the chance to try some freshly-baked breads made with carefully selected ingredients in a location just a 5-minute walk from Mikage Station.

The tried and true simplicity of the bakery's shokupan is a popular pick. Many customers have written reviews about how much they enjoy the rustic, almost nostalgic flavor of this traditional bread. For a limited time only, the bakery also offers the opportunity to try your hand at baking some bread along with the pros. Bring your family along to take part in this exciting hands-on activity.

5. Cafe+

Cafe+ is a bakery located a 3-minute walk from Sannomiya Station. One of the popular choices here is the onion sandwich with roast pork and zucchini. The bread has a nice crunch to it, and the hearty slices of pork are roasted to perfection.

The fragrant onion sauce is sweet and spicy, and the delicious smell of roasted onions are sure to pique the appetite. The bakery offers counter seats and table seats, so you can stop by for an easy, quick lunch or even for dinner. Be sure to stop by this little friendly cafe during your visit to Kobe.

20 Recommended Bakeries in the Kobe Area

Kobe is an attractive sightseeing destination for both domestic and international visitors. The area is home to so many amazing bakeries, so we hope you enjoyed reading about our picks for 20 of the best! Please use this article as a guide and try some of these delicious breads during your next trip to Kobe.


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