Top 10 Cosmetics That Japanese Locals Love, Based on 724,765 Online Reviews!

From skincare items that moisturize your skin while giving it that supple and radiant look to beautiful, colorful, long-lasting makeup, Japanese products continue to lead the way in the ever-changing world of cosmetics. Thanks to their affordable prices, durability, and high quality, Japanese cosmetics are popular all over the world. But there are so many products to choose from that you might not know which are the best to deal with whatever problem you have. So, here's a list of the top 10 Japanese cosmetics that have gained the most trust among locals, based on 724,765 reviews from @cosme, Japan’s largest cosmetics/beauty website. This guide is perfect for those who want to achieve a Japanese level of skincare or learn can’t-miss beauty/makeup tips using Japanese cosmetics, so make sure to bookmark this page and let it guide you during your next trip to Japan.



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1st Place – Pearl Glow Highlight (Cezanne): 600 Yen (Excl. Tax)

The sparkly pearl particles in this highlighter give the skin a radiant glow. Simply apply it to any part of your face that you want to accentuate, lift, or brighten, and the all-natural Pearl Glow Highlight will do the rest. They adhere closely to the skin, smoothing it out and giving it a healthy, long-lasting glow. This is a serum-based highlighter, meaning that it doesn’t crumble like powder cosmetics and can stay on for the entire day. The Pearl Glow Highlight is fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, tar-based pigment-free, and alcohol-free.

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2nd Place – Skinny Rich Shadow (Excel): 1,500 Yen (Excl. Tax)

By layering four shades of this eyeshadow, you can quickly and easily create an elaborate, rich, gradient look around the eyes. Even though it’s powder-based, the Skinny Rich Eyeshadow is creamy and moisturizing, spreading easily and adhering strongly to the eyelid for the entire day. For a refined, radiant, non-glittery look that exudes sophistication without being too showy, look no further than this golden pearl-particle eyeshadow. Thanks to its all-natural colors and ingredients, you’ll want to use it every day, be it for work or at home, to get the eyes that you deserve.

3rd Place – Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation (Lancome): 6,000 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This liquid foundation will cover up everything from your pores to uneven skin tones and give you beautiful, natural-looking skin. The product prides itself on letting the skin breathe and despite feeling very light, it spreads wonderfully, covering up any and all skin imperfections. The best part of the Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation is that it blends in perfectly with your skin, and can be layered on the parts you want to correct without feeling thick. Its oil-absorbing ingredients protect the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy for the whole day.

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4th Place – Face Powder (Cosme Decorte): 5,000 Yen (Excl. Tax)

Decorte has a premium face powder that moisturizes and melts into the skin with the lightness and smoothness of fine silk. This organic silk product is made with a combination of four organic plant extracts to act as a protective barrier for dry skin, keeping it moisturized for hours. The powder is so fine that it snugly adheres to the skin, lightly and smoothly blending like silk. The powder is perfect for covering up any imperfections such as visible pores or uneven skin, leaving you with a smooth, soft complexion. The fresh green floral-smelling face powder comes with a special applicator puff.

5th Place – Designing Eyebrow 3D (Kate): 1,100 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This gradation powder allows you to naturally create smooth 3D eyebrows and nose shadows using three color shades. By using two brushes of different sizes and hardnesses, you’ll be able to easily get the shadows and colors that you want, which will stay on for the entire day. The powder is so popular because of its versatility. Besides eyebrows, it can also be used on the nose or to cover up eye bags, and since it comes with its own brush, it’s easy to carry around with you.

6th Place – Mild Cleansing Oil (Fancl) / 120ml: 1,700 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This dual-purpose oil will dissolve any makeup or pore-clogging substances while cleansing your skin and keeping it moisturized. It works especially well on dissolving blackheads, but it also cleans out clogged pores of all other impurities, something that people who suffer from dry skin will greatly appreciate. Since it breaks up and washes away skin oil, it cleans the face without the need for scrubbing, keeping the skin moisturized, and guaranteeing vibrant skin long after washing.

7th Place – Dramatic Powdery UV (Maquillage): 1,000 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This powder foundation offers excellent coverage that brings out the skin’s natural beauty. Although it perfectly hides visible pores and uneven skin tones, the product feels very light and natural instead of powdery, giving your skin a radiant, translucent look. Because it’s so soft, it spreads evenly and blends nicely. Thanks to the included soft-fit sponge, the foundation can be applied with or without water and has been shown in tests* to last up to 13 hours without cracking.

*The tests focused on oil absorption, pore concealment, luster effects, fading, and the presence of powdery residue. All tests were conducted by Maquillage/Shiseido. Results may vary from person to person.

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8th Place – Orbis U Lotion (Orbis): 2,700 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This lotion penetrates all the layers of the skin to refresh and rejuvenate it, and thanks to its ability to increase "moisture circulation", the product has anti-aging properties as well. By improving skin inflexibility caused by excessive dryness, a common concern among adults, the Orbis U Lotion leaves you with moisturized, supple skin. Because it uses a dense water gel as its base, the lotion is rich and thick, which helps it dissolve faster, adhere better, and penetrate the skin down to the keratin layer, which in turn stays moisturized and refreshed for longer, drawing its natural suppleness to the surface.

9th Place – Hatomugi Skin Conditioner (Naturie): 650 Yen (Excl. Tax)

This lotion, made from all-natural hatomugi (adlay) plant extract, moisturizes and conditions the skin without leaving it feeling sticky. Apply it to any part of the body you want to keep from getting dry and the moisturizing ingredients will do the rest. The skin conditioner comes in a large bottle, so don’t be afraid to use it liberally for supple, smooth, natural-looking skin. The conditioner can, of course, be used on the face, but it also works well on the rest of the body, especially after a shower or bath.

10th Place – Moisturizing Primer Foundation S / 30ml (Paul & Joe Beaute): 3,500 Yen (Excl. Tax)

Thanks to a blend of moisturizing ingredients like orange flower water, five natural plant extracts, and three kinds of hyaluronic acids that treat the skin, this foundation gives your skin translucency. Even a small amount spreads wonderfully and feels light, making the skin supple and smooth. By penetrating every nook and cranny, the foundation offers excellent coverage that brings out your skin’s natural radiance.

Source: @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards 2019 Grand Prizes


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