Top 10 Izakayas or Japanese Bars in Shibuya

After a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Shibuya, head over to one of these izakayas to end the day with delicious food and drinks.

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1. Fujiya Honten

This is a major bar here in Tokyo.The system here is quite interesting. Order your food and pay for it when it arrives. Make sure that you have enough money and don’t over order especially when you are starting to get a little tipsy. This places offers a lot of dishes that are commonly served at izakayas and one of their famous one would have to be their 『Ham Cabbage』as shown in the picture above.

B1 Floor, Fuji Shoji Building, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

2. Kaikaya

As the chef and owner of this izakaya is well connected, this shop is able to obtain fresh seafood and hence they are well-known for serving really delicious fish dishes. There are many items on the menu from tuna spare ribs to sashimi dishes and traditional Japanese ones. If you are not confident in your Japanese, just ask for their English menu.。

3. Shunju Bunkamuradori

This restaurant showcases seasonal vegetables in most of their dishes. Their seasonal vegetables are sourced from local farms and they have a 「Vegetable Plate of the Day」at \\1680 that allows diners to pick their favorite seasonal vegetables to be served. Their roasted whole onion is also really good and you should try their famous homemade tofu.

1F 1st Floor, Fontis Building, 2-23-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

4. Sanchokuya Taka

The name of this izakaya describes its business model well because they import fresh seafood directly every morning. You will not be able to have the same freshness and taste that this restaurant offers at other places. The owner of this izakaya has carefully selected up to 10 best Japanese sakes for the diners here and it is said that to have the best sake in Shibuya, so one must make their way here to try the food and drinks here. Before coming here to dine, remember to call up to place your reservations first.


This Japanese bar is so popular and famous that it is quite difficult to make reservations here. This izakaya offers foreign visitors a chance to eat fine dining dishes at really low prices. During certain seasons, you will be able to have some tempura corn as shown in the picture above. Since this restaurant is open till 2 in the morning, you could try to place a reservation for a time slot past midnight to try some of their delicious dishes at a great deal!

6. Unosato


This Japanese bar was created as a hidden oasis for adults in mind. As you are seated at their table seats, you are able to enjoy the view of their cozy garden space and take in the ambience within a traditional Japanese home. One of the many attractive points of this place would have to be their wide selection of alcohol from all over the world! Come here for its delicious food and to truly say that you have had an izakaya experience, you should have the food here with some Japanese sake.

7. Namikibashi Nakamura

With a sudden rise in popularity, it has gotten quite difficult to secure a seat here or even make reservations. This restaurant is well known for it thick sashimi slices and tender roast meat. Not to mention, one must try their hot pot dishes and of course to end your hot pot meal, you must add their mixed grain rice into the pot and enjoy the rice with the flavorful soup.



This Japanese restaurant is very popular among our foreign visitors and it offers its diners with sushi made from fresh seafood, handmade soba noodles and other mouth-watering snacks and appetizers. Naturally, there are kushiyakis that have been grilled over charcoal that is bound to satisfy your taste buds. Smoking is not allowed inside to prevent the smoke from altering the taste of the food.

14th Floor, E. Space Tower, 3-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

9. Ishibekoji Mamecha Shibuya

If you don’t have the time to head to Kyoto to try the cuisine there, fret not because this restaurant in Tokyo directly imports its tofu, namafu and fresh yuba all the way from Kyoto to provide you with seasonal dishes and Kyoto’s famous Obanzai dishes. Dining in this restaurant provides you an unforgettable Kyoto dining experience without having you to travel all the way there.

10. Honke Kanoya Kagoshima

This restaurant imports Great Amberjack, Roppaku pork, Satsuma chicken and other really yummy ingredients from Japan’s Florida, Kanoya City, a place rich with food sources. Here you get to try not only Tonkotsu and Tsukeage but also other delicious Kagoshima dishes. If you ever step foot into this restaurant, don’t miss out on their pork steak.

Shibuya is now flooded with many young people and modern western architecture, but within this modern forest, there are a few surprises that truly capture Japanese culture. Do make your way to one of these places but as they are popular, don’t forget to place your reservations first!

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