10 Essential Muji Travel Products That Are Both Efficient and Cost-Effective!

Packing your belongings before setting out for a trip is never a quick and easy process. Between figuring how much clothing to take, how to pack your cosmetic and skin care products without them spilling out, or just how to cram a mound of essentials into the confines of your suitcase, there's a lot of planning involved in the packing process. The editorial department here at Tsunagu Japan has picked out the best inexpensive and handy MUJI travel products to help you! These 10 products will not only save you time when packing, but they’ll also help fit and organize all your belongings neatly into your suitcase, so you can enjoy a more convenient travel experience.



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1. Portable Laundry Set/Washboard and Mini Clip Hangers (990 yen)

Have you ever felt like preparing for a long-term vacation or business trip was a hassle? Many people would say that this is because they can’t wash and dry their laundry at their destination, meaning that they have to take a large number of clothing. Thankfully, the “Portable Laundry Set/Washboard and Mini Clip Hangers” is the perfect product that offers a convenient solution.

The miniature clip hangers are made of stainless steel and designed to be compact. The product's weight falls just short of 200 grams, and it’s about the size of a small paperback. It comes with 8 individual laundry clips, so you can hang your small articles like socks and undergarments to dry. When not in use, you can collapse the hangar just by attaching the clips to the stainless part on the back, after which you can easily slip it into your bag or suitcase pocket.

In addition to the hanger, this set also includes a polycarbonate laundry board. You can easily do your laundry on the go by putting some soap or detergent on your clothing, then rubbing them across the surface of the laundry board.

This laundry set is very compact, so while you won’t be able to hang any larger pieces of clothing, it’s an incredible product for smaller everyday clothing items that you’ll want to wash frequently. Be sure to check out this convenient product if you're ever visiting MUJI.

2. Portable Folding Aluminum Hanger/38 cm Length (590 yen)

Although this is also a portable item, it can hang larger articles like suits and shirts. When in use, it expands to a standard hanger size of 38 cm, and when collapsed, it measures at 25 cm. Being made of aluminum, it also only weighs about 40 grams.

The hanger can be used to hang shirts and suits that wrinkle easily, making this an optimal product for the businessperson on the go. It can also be used to hang wet laundry, providing a pivotal functionality for those on extended trips. With this hanger on hand, you can stay wrinkle-free and look professional, even while on the road.

3. Travel Outlet Plug Adapter (2590 yen)

This is likely an irreplaceable tool if you happen to be traveling abroad. The product features an intelligent design compatible with 8 different kinds of plugs (types A, B, C, O, O2, SE, BF, B3), giving you access to electricity no matter what country you happen to be in. This product is functional in various regions of the world and removes the need to carry around a pile of adapters.

An additional advantage of this adapter is the fact that it offers a slim, lightweight design compared to other manufacturers' products. It can also easily be stowed in your bag or suitcase. The manual included in the packaging also has instructions on how to combine adapters depending on the outlet, so you can immediately start using it upon arriving at your destination.

4. Polyester Hanging Case with Removable Pouch (1,590 yen)

Many people find that coming up with an organized way to stash your cell phone charger, tooth brush, cosmetics, and medicines takes up a lot of time when packing. However, this MUJI pouch makes it possible to get all your items neatly stored in just 1 or 2 minutes.

Its dimensions measure 12 x 18 x 4.5 cm, and it comes in black, grey, and navy colors. In typical MUJI fashion, the design has an appealing simplicity about it. Open it, and you’ll find three partitions, with mesh covering each of the faces so that you can easily see their contents.

This product has yet another convenient improvisation: the middle pouch can be easily detached. Keep the pouch attached in your suitcase, and remove it when you need your makeup and cosmetics to go out. The case also comes with a hook, so that you can access all three pouches while you hang it in the bathroom. It's an extraordinary product with maximal utility!

5. Polyester Passport Case (with clear removable pockets) (1990 yen)

Have you ever run into the problem of having to rummage through your bags for your passport, plane ticket, and other cards while at the airport? In that case, you may be interested in the “Polyester Passport Case” as a potential solution to any such future hassles.

This product comes in black, gray, and navy. The interior of the case is intricately organized, with separate partitions for your cards, passport, checkbook, plane ticket, notes, and more. You’ll find that you can also flexibly attach and remove 3 clear pockets, useful for storing valuables like money, receipts, and other important documents. These detachable clear pockets provide a secure way of traveling with such articles. You can also purchase additional clear pockets if needed.

Although the case is extremely convenient for travel, it can also be used to store your cash and cards when not on the road. The clear pockets are an especially useful way to manage your monthly savings and expenditures.

6. S-Shaped Travel Hook (390 yen)

It may be hard to tell how to use this product at first glance. However, give it a try and you’ll immediately find this product's special utility. This handy hook provides a means of hanging anything, whether it's a bag, a coat, or anything else you need a place to hang, wherever you may be. It folds into a small O-shaped ring when not in use, and you can carry it around by hooking it to a bag like a keyring. It can be useful for keeping all the items you need to pull out regularly, like your keys or perhaps a train pass.

Though of a small and simple design, you can hang anything less than 2 kg on it, and you’ll be surprised by the functionality the small package packs. Not only is it useful when traveling, it can be used for short excursions as well. It comes in mustard, blue, light grey, and black, so feel free to pick the color that best suits you.

7. Compressed Organic Cotton T-Shirt (1,490 yen)

You may be surprised to learn that this is a T-shirt compact enough to be stored in your pocket. A compression method gets this standard-sized T-shirt down to a 6cm object that fits in your palm, saving you a substantial amount of space in your suitcase. However, it does come out wrinkled after opening, so it's recommended that you iron it or run it through the laundry first, or just use it as an undershirt.

It comes in 5 colors (white, black, grey, khaki, and navy) and small, medium, large, and X-large sizes when expanded, so they can be worn by anyone from children to adults. Those interested in being extraordinarily compact when packing should definitely look into them!

8. Sorting Case (Small/980 yen, Medium/1,090 yen, Large/1,290 yen)

How do you start packing when confronted with your mountain of baggage that you need to fit into a suitcase? These MUJI sorting cases are designed to facilitate a quick and organized packing process. This product is offered in three sizes (small, medium, and large), each is suited for a different use, and all feature a mesh face so you can easily find what you need to take out.

They come in single-type bags with a single fastener, and double-type bags with two fasteners. The double-type comes only in small (990 yen) and medium (1,190 yen) sizes. The double-type features a two-tiered construction that's mesh on one side and opaque on the other, so you can keep your undergarments on the non-visible side. The sorting cases prevents your baggage from scattering in a disorganized mess upon opening your suitcase.

9. Sunscreen Wipes (12 Sheets/290 yen)

These wipes provide a handy means of protecting your skin from UV rays and preventing sunburn, while also moisturizing your skin!

You hardly need instructions. Just give it a quick wipe across whichever area of your skin you need covered. Unlike cream-based sunscreens, you won’t need to check if it's evenly applied, a process which can take quite some time for creamier sunscreens. Instead, this sheet is just a quick wipe, saving time for those constantly on the move. Additionally, you save yourself the annoyance of the sticky residue that standard cream leaves on your skin; these wipes have a cool, refreshing feel and leave a pleasant lemon fragrance.

However, the SPF12 PA+ rating is a slightly lower grade of protection from standard sunscreen, so it's suited for a quick dab when you're pressed for time. Be sure to use products with higher degrees of sun protection on an everyday basis to fully protect your skin.

10. Toothpaste Film (24 Sheets/490 yen)

Can you guess what these are just by looking at the picture? This product is a toothpaste, but packaged as film. One pack, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, comes with 24 sheets of film. While toothpaste tubes can be bulky and hard to fit in your luggage, these films fit are flat and compact. Whether it's at the airport or while in transit, this product can help make sure that your breath is fresh and your teeth are clean wherever you go.

This product is also incredibly intuitive. Just stick the film onto the surface of your teeth, then start brushing after wetting your toothbrush. The toothpaste foams easily, and the gentle scent makes it especially refreshing to use.

What did you think of these MUJI products? Everyone is looking to save time and effort when gearing up to travel. MUJI’s products are all highly accessible because of their high utility, simple design, and budget-friendly prices. Hopefully, you’ll find that these products can help you towards a smooth and comfortable trip.

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