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1. Cookies

These Totoro cookies go perfectly with fancy china! Since the borders are crumbling slightly, they have a handmade feel that doubles the deliciousness and the cuteness.

2. Cake

It looks like this is a birthday cake for a four year old. When you look at this cake, can’t you just imagine a child screaming to the heavens and hopping up and down with joy? The vivid colors and the fruits help make it look extra delicious.


3. Cream Puffs

These Totoro cream puffs are from a Studio Ghibli authorized store run by Hayao Miyazaki’s younger sister. The little details unique to each Totoro give them personality.


4. Bread

These Totoro breads have adorable eyes. They’re gazing at us with the cuteness of acorns that have fallen from the sky.


5. Macarons

The exquisite mouths, the shape of the body…this homemade appearance that supports the technique might be more addicting than the taste.


6. Chocolate pudding

The wonderful use of the nuts is just one of the techniques used to make this. Trying to figure out where to put the spoon in first is a conundrum! 


7. Steamed bread

IMG_1086 (1)

Totoro’s characteristic roundness is represented perfectly in this steamed bread. Japanese otaku would split this up in this way: the left to eat, the middle to admire, and the right to save. It’s totally impossible, though!

If you want to know how to make this totoro deco stereamed cake, check this site.

Little Miss Bento

8. Sandwiches

Even if it takes a long time to make, eating this will take just a moment. However, the love that was obviously used to make this will continue on in the heart of the person that eats it. Try making it with the image of your beloved child seeing Totoro’s face the moment they open their lunchbox!


9. Soba noodles

This is an original idea. Thanks to this person’s power of imagination, they saw the color of soba noodles and thought, ‘oh, this is the same color as Totoro.’ Do Japanese people think about Totoro at all times of the day?


10. Spam musubi

They’re smiling. The recipes of smiling Totoro are precious. Plus, it’s the famous Hawaiian recipe, spam musubi. Delicious and precious. There’s nothing else to say. Right away, go buy rice, nori, spam, and cheese!

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