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 1. Cheesecake

This cheesecake looks so light that just looking at it makes your mouth water. If you take this out at the end of a party, it will definitely be a hit! “I want to eat it, but it’s too cute!” Make it so you can hear your friend’s troubled voices.


2. Cake Pops

If you give these out as party favors at a child’s birthday party, you’ll get comments like “you’re so thoughtful!” You’ll probably feel triumphant and satisfied at those words. Of course, the leftovers are your personal reward!


3. Cookies

You’ll get used to the idea of eating them as you make it. I want to make it look more handmade! I want to make the person I give it to feel more grateful! For when you feel that way, Rilakkuma cookies are recommended. “Don’t you look like this cookie?” You can make afternoon tea more lively if you ask this question.



4. Cupcakes

Sunny day cupcakes! On top of that, it’s an advanced level recipe! The girl who makes this has exceptional skill indeed. If you want to challenge yourself, why not try making these?


5. Bread

These pleasantly plump ears must be difficult. But because it is so diffcult, if you open the oven and find that it came out perfecly, wouldn’t you feel even prouder of yourself? If you share that pride with your friends and family, you might be able to create a fun atmosphere. Please try this, and enjoy it with plenty of jam and cream. 


6. Ice Cream

A short deciding match. Before the ice cream melts, you have to finish decorating it entirely and bring it to the dining table. It might be better if people who are worried about the time restriction try this in the winter. But if you’re confident in yourself, challenge it in the summer!


7. Boiled eggs

This is an original idea that uses the natural beauty of the shape of a boiled egg. It seems like this person decided to make two Rilakkumas making “yes?” faces.


8. Croquette Burger

The biggest charm about this Rilakkuma is the shape of its mouth. In other recipes, the mouth is made from nori, so no matter what one does it comes out completely straight. For people who want to do the job properly there’s no choice, but these Rilakkuma don’t have straight mouths. Instead they curve up and it looks like they’re smiling, which in turn doubles the crushing cuteness. These painstaking small details are one of the characteristics of Japanese recipes.


9. Inarizushi

First, the silhouette of the bento box is Rilakkuma, already making it Rilakkuma on Rilakkuma. Also, in the center is a Rilakkuma wearing a Rilakkuma hat. In the end, it’s Rilakkuma^3. This is definitely a bento for someone who loves Rilakkuma.


10. Mitarashi Dango

Seeing the skewered Rilakkuma seems cruel at first, but then the exquisite adorableness of its expression takes over. This is a rare Rilakkuma dish that goes well with Japanese tea for an enjoyable Japanese teatime.

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