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1. Inarizushi

It’s so recognizably Pikachu even without the ears…! The cherry blossom accents and the colorful cups the inarizushi is placed in makes this bento breathtaking.

2. Macaron

These Pikachu macarons are clearly homemade. The expression on each one has slight differences, and its pleasantness can be deeply felt.


3. Sunny side up eggs

It takes imagination to come up with this! Would you have seen Pikachu in the egg yolk of a sunny side up egg? The runny egg and the cute round eyes…don’t you think it takes mental preparation to eat this? 


4. Cake

Doesn’t this look delicious? This Pikachu has a slight smug face. Using strawberries for his round cheeks makes everything even cuter. If you received this, how would you begin to eat it?

5. Cookies

Pikachu’s butt is cute! Plus there’s two of them! The flower addition to the one on the left somehow manages to make it even cuter. Adding that shows off the baker’s playfulness.


6. Chestnut cake

This smile is tricky. It’s so cute that you’ll want to show it off to everyone, but would you really be able to eat it in the end?


7. Purin

You might think this is a regular Purin, but then you look inside and suddenly Pikachu! Plus one of them is the tail! If you give these two to siblings, it seems like a grand fight will break out…but maybe if you give it to a couple that loves Pikachu, it’ll be a lovely moment for them. Which one do you want to eat?


8. Cupcake

The fact that each cupcake has a different expression makes it all much better. I wonder what the Pikachu on the upper right making the duck face is thinking? 


9. Cookies

Cookies are the easiest way to make desserts that look like characters. However, you can still show off your skills through them. These cookies don’t have red cheeks, but pink. Baking them along with flower shaped cookies makes it pleasing to the eye. No matter how you plate them, it’s a presentation that will excite anyone.


10. Bread

Have you ever seen Pikachus as plump as these? The homemade feeling these breads give off also give them a strong personality that shines through and makes them look even more appealing. 


Cover Image source:  ☆あ~るママず COOKING NOTE☆


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