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1. Cupcake

Light and fluffy Hello Kitty ♡ Who knew that just by squeezing whipped cream through a tube you could show off Hello Kitty’s fluffiness and make it this cute? The ribbon made of chocolate works well as an accent.


2. Sandwich

Using a specific toaster, you can easily make Hello Kitty sandwiches. It seems like it would be a great dish for a party.


3. Cake

If you look at her cute, round eyes…you can’t do it! You can’t slice this cake! This traditionally decorated Hello Kitty cake is sure to delight children and adults alike. Won’t you consider trying it for an important anniversary?


4. Frosted cookies

No matter what way you look at it, this cookie looks refined and sophisticated. The flower-shaped cookies made of the same materials give it a brilliant touch.


5. Snowball cookies

Hello Kitty’s roundness is expressed very well in these cookies. Is she chubby? A little stupid? Her droll expression is different than from her regular face, but the essence of her adorable cat-ness is represented perfectly.

6. Salisbury Steak with Demi-glace Sauce and Cheese

How do I make reservations at this restaurant? No, no, this is actually a meal set at a regular Japanese home’s dining table. Hello Kitty’s face is made of cheese. If you use cheese in this shape, you can enjoy Hello Kitty in a number of different meals.

7. Tamagoyaki with Grated Daikon

This is craftsmanship of the highest level. The ribbon seems like it’s made of bits of umeboshi (dried plum). The eyes are sesame seeds, the fur is daikon, the nose a tiny bit of tamagoyaki…? To make the popular grated daikon art seems like it takes a lot of work, but if you’d like to try it, start with a large amount to practice!

8. Makizushi

This makizushi looks just like cake. The gentle colors calm one’s heart. Using just a little bit of ingenuity at the end by adding the face and the bow, Hello Kitty’s greatness is reaffirmed.

9. Chocolate

The original Hello Kitty chocolate! Seeing Hello Kitty sitting this way is rather nostalgic. It’s her standard design, so you can feel the quality of her character. Just like the cookies from earlier, the heart chocolates and the flowers on the plate help express her adorable world even more.

10. Cake Pops

Of course Japanese people made the popular cake pops into Hello Kitty…! It’s not made to be entirely perfect, but the homemade feeling it has makes it seem even gentler, doesn’t it?

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