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1. Cookies

These cookies are so smiley! But depending on the cookie, he looks a little bit troubled, and that’s part of the charm. These cookies capture Anpanman’s essence perfectly, making it a rare treat.


2. Madeleines

This definitely has the right atmosphere of the Anpanman in the storybook. If you take these madeleines out at parties, even though not all of them have the characteristic red nose, once they notice that it’s Anpanman you’ll definitely become close friends with the Japanese people present.

3. Curry set

Anpanman with curry rice. If someone made this for me, I’d end up marrying them. If they’re already married, I’ll move in next door. There isn’t anyone who thinks that Anpanman isn’t cute, so you can say that the destructive power of this Anpanman curry is tremendous. If you add this to your repertoire, it will go down as a winner.

4. Bread

Anpanman bread! Originally, Anpanman is anthropomorphized anpan, a bread filled with red bean paste (anko). It stands to reason that someone would make anpan in the same of Anpanman. Of course you can make breads that look like Anpanman and fill it with other things, but wouldn’t it make fans sad?  

5. Macarons

You can eat these Anpanman macarons in one bite. These were definitely made with the image of Anpanman from the storybooks in mind. The chocolate on chocolate color gives it a natural look and a pleasing texture that reflects Anpanman’s gentleness.

6. Cake

The first thing you notice about this cake is Anpanman’s face, but what comes next is the startling amount of strawberries! His nose and cheeks are also made with strawberry jam. This cake was made with two levels of shocking attacks made of happiness! Doesn’t it seem like a child would be so happy to see this cake that they would start jumping up and down?

7. Pancakes

This is an Anpanman pancake breakfast set. I’d move next door to the person who made this instead. Japanese wives sure are amazing…also, isn’t the face on the latte Shokupanman?  This meal is nutritionally sound and I can’t get enough of it.

8. Riceballs

Anpanman’s smile, troubled face, and surprised face are all charming! Taking a standard character and changing its expression to be cute…couldn’t you call this some of Japan’s contemporary art? Cutting the seaweed into such small shapes seems difficult but in order to make the best riceballs one could make, wouldn’t you try it yourself?

9. Steamed buns

These are perfect for the cold winter season! Stuffing your cheeks with stuffed buns in the cold winter air is one way to find happiness. It isn’t just the filling, but Anpanman’s smile will also warm you up from the inside out.

10. Bolo cookies

These Anpanman bolo cookies are surprisingly simple. For an easy snack time, it just takes a little bit of preparation, but in one stroke you’ll bring smiles to everyone’s faces. These are also perfect for Halloween or Christmas!

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