Experience the Latest Trends in Japanese Beauty at the Tokyo Nail Expo 2019

As anyone with a finger on the pulse of the beauty industry will tell you, Japan is home to some of the world’s best beauty products and cosmetologists. There is perhaps no better showcase for this than at the annual Tokyo Nail Expo. Now in its 21st iteration, this massive, two-day event taking place on November 24th and 25th brings together top nail artisans from around Japan and abroad to highlight emerging beauty trends. Fashion-focused visitors can even learn nail care and design techniques here! Read on to find out about this year's exciting event lineup and learn how you too can take part.

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2019

As one of the largest nail expos in the world, this year’s event, held November 24th and 25th, is expected to draw over 50,000 visitors. In addition to everyday nail care, this exhibition will focus on Japan’s increasing social welfare efforts by hosting exhibits and speakers highlighting beauty and nail care for visually impaired induviuals.

Each year, the Japan Nailist Association (JNA) chooses a motif that best appeals to the spirit of the times. In honor of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a time where visitors from around the world will experience Japan like never before, the JNA has decided on the theme of Kaleidoscope. Just as the turning of a kaleidoscope creates a beautiful mosaic of many different shapes and colors, so too will Japan welcome all visitors under the unifying banner of the Olympic Games.

There are four primary styles representative of the Kaleidoscope theme which will be featured throughout the expo. The first is simply a focus on the natural beauty of nails which anyone can attain through proper care.

Next, Splash focuses on the imagery of flowing water and utilizes designs which invoke the feeling of movement.

The Adventure style incorporates colorful, explosive designs to capture the feeling of excitement and overcoming challenges which lay before you.

Lastly, the National Flag style is an homage to the Olympic Games themselves, and strives to embody the beauty of many different nations coming together in one place.


The 2019 Tokyo Nail Expo is jam-packed with events and activities over its two-day run.


Learn More About Beauty Services for the Visually Impaired

On the 24th, three beauty experts who specialize in nail care for visually impaired individuals will hold an interactive seminar. Their talks will focus on dispelling common misconceptions surrounding the industry, highlighting the important role that nail care can play in everyone’s lives, and offer advice on how salons can improve the services they provide to visually impaired customers.

Expo attendees can also help donate to a worthy cause while treating themselves to a complimentary manicure. This is the third year in a row that the Tokyo Nail Expo has offered free manicures for visitors provided by trained experts, but unlike the previous two years, they will now accept donations of single 500 yen coins. While not required, all of the money collected will be donated to a support group for the visually impaired.

Nail Competitions

The most attention-grabbing events of the Tokyo Nail Expo are without a doubt the nail competitions. Each year, talented nail artists from around the world come together at the expo and compete to be crowned the best in their field. In addition to experts, there is also an open competition for aspiring nail artists to submit their own artful nail tip creations. The nail tips will be on display throughout the expo and will be voted on by attendees.

Award Ceremony

Fans of Japanese entertainment also have the opportunity for a celebrity sighting at the Nail Queen Awards Ceremony. During this yearly tradition, celebrities  who represent Japanese beauty and embody all that it stands for are honored on the expo’s main stage.

Shop the Latest Looks

Of course no beauty expo would be complete without the opportunity to head home sporting some of the beautiful new styles you just discovered. At the Tokyo Nail Expo’s trade show, all of the latest and most stylish products will be on sale, many at a discounted price. Visitors can even find exclusive products that aren’t sold anywhere else. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the envy of all your friends with these rare finds!

Celebrate Beauty at the Tokyo Nail Expo

We’ve barely scratched the surface of everything the Tokyo Nail Expo has in store for visitors this year on November 24th and 25th. If you appreciate Japanese beauty styles or nail fashion in general, this is an event you simply cannot miss.

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