Escape to a World of Glittering Christmas Lights in Tokyo at Midtown Christmas 2019

With gorgeous department store displays, delicious seasonal food, and romantic illuminations all over the city, Tokyo is a magical place to spend Christmas. Midtown Christmas, held in the Akasaka Tokyo Midtown shopping district, is a classic destination for Tokyo's locals and tourists alike. If you're planning a trip to Tokyo this December, read on for the scoop on all there is to see and do at Midtown Christmas 2019!


Things to Do

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Starlight Garden 2019

Each year the Starlight Garden covers the Tokyo Midtown Garden's 2,000 square meter lawn with stunning, festive scenes. This illumination is a true Tokyo Christmas staple, and has been loved by Tokyo's locals for many years.

This year, the Starlight Garden will take on a space theme. Around 190,000 LED lights, 100 illuminated balloons, plus an 8 meter high Space Tower and two types of bubbles all will work in harmony to create a stunning illuminated scene for Christmas.

The Starlight Garden display will start with an image of the birth of a nebula in space. Centering around an 8 meter high Space Tower that will be used for the first time this year, the display will visualize the path of meteors, light swallowed by black holes, and the cosmic dance of stars. The climax takes full advantage of the Starlight Garden's expansive space for a 3D show depicting a point of light as it grows into stars. 

The Bubble Illumination, which is only available for a limited time, will make the Starlight Garden even more immersive, with around 450,000 bubbles to be released per day. Two types of bubbles will be used in the display: glittering Crystal Bubbles and Smoke Bubbles, which release a puff of smoke as they burst. These bubbles float through the display, expressing the image of the birth, glittering life, and finally the explosive transformation of stars into supernova. The Smoky Bubbles hold up well if you touch them with wool or similar fabrics, so try gently catching one with your gloves to get a cool photo!

Professional Photoshoot Service

If you want to capture your Christmas in Tokyo, why not have your photo professionally taken in the Starlight Garden? Professional photographers from Photo Studio Hollyhock will take your picture in front of the lights, which you can check and purchase online afterwards.

Sparkling Christmas Light Displays

While the Starlight Garden may be the most iconic part of the Midtown Christmas event, there are expansive Christmas light illuminations throughout the Tokyo Midtown Gardens to enjoy here, too. You can stroll the grounds each night from November 14th to December 25th from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Tokyo Midtown Plaza Illumination

You'll feel the warmth of the Christmas season as you explore the golden, candle-like illuminations in the Tokyo Midtown Plaza that serves as the entranceway to Tokyo Midtown. The gentle light and classic atmosphere in this elegant plaza is sure to warm your heart on a chilly December night.

Unlike the other illuminations in the Tokyo Midtown Gardens, which will end at 11:00 pm, the Plaza Christmas lights will stay on until midnight each night.

Christmas Tree

A real fir Christmas tree decorated in classic Christmas decorations lends a gorgeous and romantic Christmas mood to Tokyo Midtown. The Tokyo Midtown Christmas tree was a huge hit last year as a photo spot, so don't forget to get a picture here yourself!

Champagne Illumination

In the Midtown Garden you'll find a pure-white champagne illumination styled after the shape of a champagne glass. This romantic illumination captures the image of snowfall as pure white points of light gently flow downwards. 

Starlight Road

The Starlight Road follows the gentle curve of the road through Midtown Gardens. Around 70,000 blue and white Christmas lights create a magical holiday atmosphere here.

Tokyo Midtown Christmas Events

Christmas Markets and Pop-Up Stores

Each year Tokyo Midtown hosts lively and atmospheric Christmas Markets which are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit. Pop-up market stores include Harmonier, which sells classic Christmas items imported from Europe, and Spot Write, a boutique that specializes in stationery and gifts from international designers. Here you'll find a range of imported Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and more.

The Tokyo Midtown Christmas Markets will be open from November 14 to December 25 from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on the basement first floor of Tokyo Midtown Galleria. Whether you're shopping for a gift, Christmas paper goods, or Christmas decorations, you're sure to find something special here!

Santa Tree and Santa Hunt Event

This year the Tokyo Midtown Santa Tree will also make a reappearance in the atrium of the Tokyo Midtown Galleria's first floor. Standing 4 meters high, the Santa Tree is decorated with around 1,800 miniature Santa ornaments, all with unique and charming designs to enjoy.

Tokyo Midtown is also holding a treasure-hunting event where visitors can locate twelve naughty Santas who have wandered away from the tree. Kids will love tracking down the twelve missing Santas hidden throughout the Tokyo Midtown buildings and gardens. 

Visitors can see the Santa Tree every day from November 14th to December 25th from 11:00 am to midnight.

Spend a Magical Christmas in Tokyo!

An evening wandering around a gorgeous Christmas light display is the perfect way to cap off a winter day sightseeing in Tokyo, and the illuminations at Tokyo Midtown are some of the best in the city. So, why not add an evening stroll through the Midtown Christmas event to your Tokyo holiday plans?

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