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Tokyo Disney Sea

The entrance

Mediterranean Harbor

Tokyo DisneySea (東京ディズニーシー?) is a 176-acre (71.22 ha) theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo.[1] It opened on September 4, 2001

Mediterranean Harbor

Mediterranean Harbor is the entrance “port-of-call” and themed as an Italian port city, complete with Venetian Gondolas that guests can board and ride.

You have the feeling you’ve been transported in Italy, Venice…But no, you’re just in Chiba, Japan, not too far away from Tokyo.

Mediterranean Harbor by night

The view at night is magical and incredibly beautiful. People are gathering because this is where the magical Disney show takes place.

Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is a “port-of-call” within Mount Prometheus, the giant volcano that is the park’s centerpiece and most prominent feature. It relies heavily on the storytelling of Jules Verne and, specifically, the mythology of the volcano fortress mentioned several times in the books called “Vulcania”.

Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is home to the characters of The Little Mermaid. The facade is made to look like the Palace of King Triton and features fanciful seashell-inspired architecture. This “port of call” is unique in that it is mostly indoors and recreates the feeling of being underwater.

Most of the rides in this area are geared towards younger children.

Arabian Coast

Lost River Delta

This “port of call” is hailed as “the marina of the future”.

American Waterfront

This “port of call” represents the northeastern seaboard of the United States in the early 20th century

The best attractions!!

Here are the attractions/ ride, that you definitely have to try!

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It feels like you’re really going into the center of the earth! Usually, there’s always a lot of people lining up for this ride. So my advice would be to take a fast pass to avoid waiting too much or go there in the morning. It’s a thrilling experience that you will not forget!

Toy Story Mania is definitely my favorite attraction of Disney Sea. It opened in 2012 but there is still a lot of people wanting to try this attraction. Generally, by noon there is no more fast pass available as it’s the most popular attraction of Disney Sea. Still, you want to try this attraction? Two solutions : Be at the opening of the park and run to Toy Story Mania as soon as the park opens. Yes, I said RUN (you will see that everyone is running too!). Or you can go anytime during the day, but you will certainly have to wait at least 2 hours…

This attraction looks like “Buzz lightyear laser blast” but Toy Story Mania is in 3D.

The view is also so magical at night when all the lamps light up.

Indiana Jones Adventure

The Indiana Jones Adventure is so much fun! You can ride it as a single rider if you don’t want to wait. But it’s funnier if you ride it with your friends as a picture of you is taken somewhere during the ride!

Tower of Terror

The scariest experience of my life lol! I tried it once, and I think I’m good now. Even if you don’t like high speed ride like this you might want to give a try a least once.

The food

Lunch box from Tokyo Disney Sea

Inside there is chocolate cream, custard cream or strawberry sauce.

Halloween themed dessert : pumpkin tart and pumpkin milk mousse

Why go to Disney Sea?

The attractions, the view, the food, everything is absolutely magical and beautiful. If you don’t like attractions, there are shows in almost every part of the park that are spectacular! There, you can create beautiful memories with your friends and family!

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