To be a fashionista in Japan, you must know BEAMS!

If you love fashion, Japan might be the best country for you! To enjoy fashion in Japan, you shouldn't miss checking out the Japanese brand, BEAMS.



BEAMS is one of the most popular “select shops” in Japan.


BEAMS is one of the most popular “select shops” in Japan. A "select shop" is a shop where they sell a selection of items from variety of brands, some of them imported. In many cases, select shops have their own brands too. BEAMS is an example of one of these, in that they sell selected items as well as their own designs. If you're a fashion lover, you definitely have to check BEAMS out.  

BEAMS shop list

Amazing variety

BEAMS has a lot of original labels. So even if your taste for clothing is casual, classic, sporty, or will surely find your favorite label. If you have a strong preference in not just your clothing, but your whole life, BEAMS will help you out. They sell items such as stationery, tableware, and more. Here is a lineup of the labels BEAMS offers: 

BEAMS labels lineup

Here is a selection of three labels from BEAMS: 



If you love Japanese fashion, PORTER (Yoshida Kaban). Here is an amazing collaboration: BEAMS and PORTER! They created an original brand named B jirushi Yoshida. "Jirushi" comes from the Japanese "shirushi," which means a mark, so the brand name means YOSHIDA marked by BEAMS.



They have four boutiques in Japan in Kanto and Kansai. But lucky you! One of the four is at Narita airport. 

*If you click the link above below the photo, you can find more information in English. 


Don't miss the chance to check out their original and high-quality items. 

B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA Official Facebook page 



At BEAMS RECORDS, you can find selected CDs from all over the world as well as their original music from the labels BEAMS EXOTIC and BEAMS BRAIN.


If you find an interesting CD, feel free to ask the staff if you can listen to it at the shop even before buying it, like you go to the fitting room at a boutique.


 Sometimes they organize events at the shops.


3. mmts (mamitasu)


mmts Official homepage

Actually, this label is not that well known in Japan yet, but certain people love it. Who are those people? the certain people? It's people who love cute fashion! 


Mmts is created through a collaboration with Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa). She is a Japanese TV personality knows as an otaku. She loves otaku culture like manga and cosplay. 


This brand is not just a fashion brand, it's fashion with its own culture.

Catchy slogan


What keeps people thinking that BEAMS is stylish, even though they have so many labels with different concept? One of the reasons why people have the coherent image of BEAMS being a stylish brand is their catchy ads. This poster says “fall in love with someone.”


In Japan, recently we have fewer young people in relationships, which means they're falling in love with no one! It is a serious social problem, so BEAMS launched this ad campaign. The photo of the couple wearing BEAMS' stylish outfits with this message was catchy and encouraging! 


The next one is this ad, with the slogan “LIFE AS CINEMA”. This phrase with the cinema-like design brought gave women a romantic feeling.


“We call lying to yourself 'patience'”. It sounds like girls can be bolder in life as well as in their fashion.

BEAMS' advance into Paris


Last summer in 2014, BEAMS went to Paris. There was a Japanese fashion fair at Le Bon Marche, the first department store in the world.


Life style goods....



Of course, they also had clothes for men too. BEAMS wrote an article about this event. For the article in English, click the link below.

The launch of “Le Japon Rive Gauche,” Japan created by Bon Marche on the Left Bank, Paris

Fashionistas' outfit of the day


He also works at BEAMS, and is wearing the brand head to toe.


Shoes : BEAMS

Taichiro Ueki/Flickr

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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