Tirol Choco: Top 10 Flavors of the Long Time Best Seller Chocolate

Ever since its introduction back in 1962, Tirol Choco have been fondly embraced by the Japanese public throughout the years. There are countless varieties of flavors to be found, and in this list we selected 10 most loved Tirol Choco variations.

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What is a Tirol Choco?

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Tirol Choco, individually wrapped chocolates with endless flavor variations, are created and distributed by Tirol Choco Co.Ltd.  With the catchy, colorful wrappers, reasonable price and over 300 flavors to choose from, Tirol choco was an instant success.  Over the years it became a solid staple for chocolate lovers of all ages in Japan.

1. Matcha-mochi

Matcha-mochi flavor was a huge hit right from the start when it was introduced.  Matcha flavored chocolate has a mild taste without the typical bitterness of matcha tea.  It has a chewy gummi-candy filling to simulate the texture of mochi.  Now that the popularity of matcha flavor has exploded globally in recent years, Tirol Choco matcha-mochi flavor can make a great souvenir.

2. White & Cookies

White chocolate chunk loaded with cocoa cookie crisps - the contrast of creamy, smooth white chocolate and the crunchy cookie crisps drives the sweet toothed fans wild!

3. Coffee Nougat

Pleasantly bitter tinge of the coffee flavored chocolate with caramel nougat filling.  The sophisticated flavor is not too sweet, it is a long standing favorite for the adult fans.  The popular wrapper design remains the same for 20 years.

4. Kinako-mochi

Kinako is a sweetened, toasted soybean flour, a popular coating used for traditional Japanese mochi based sweets.  Tirol choco invented a kinako flavored chocolate, paired with a gummi-candy filling for the mochi-like effect, as a result this became one of the perpetual best sellers.

5. Milk

One of the classic favorites.  Fresh cream is used to create an extra rich, creamy flavor and texture.  Tirol Choco at its simple best, its quality is practically on a par with some of the well-known confectioners.

6. Bis

Bis = short for biscuit (or cookie).  A classic combination of crunchy, flaky cookie and rich milk chocolate.  The iconic wrapper with polka dots is equally popular.  A favorite choice for kids and adults alike.。

7. ストロベリーゼリー

Double tiered gem with strawberry flavored white chocolate and milk chocolate hides a strawberry jelly filling inside. A refreshing treat for fans of fruity flavors.。

8. Watermelon

You don’t see a watermelon flavored chocolate very often.  But you guessed it, Tirol Choco did it!   Take a bite into it, you will find delicate marshmallow and watermelon sauce hidden inside.  A six pack comes with salt to sprinkle over the chocolate.  Once again from Tirol Choco, creativity conquers.

9. 甘酒

Amazake is a sweet, low alcohol version of sake, made from fermented rice.  We see all sorts of bonbons with liquors inside, so why not?  Typical aroma of sake, yet much milder to taste, perhaps a good idea for the first introduction to Japanese sake!

10. Almond

With crunchy, savory nuts inside, Tirol Choco Almond is another classic favorite.  The curious particular to the wrappers of Tirol Choco Almond.  On one in every hundred, the almond character is found holding up a V sign.

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