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Kawaii lingerie shop for young girls

PEACH JOHN is a Japanese lingerie shop which started with mail-order system. Its target is teenagers and twenties. So even though it’s design is super lovely, the price is affordable.


【Official HP】 (JP) (CH) (HK)

PEACH JOHN in Tokyo Girls Collection in 2014.


PEACH JOHN appeared on the stage of Tokyo Girls Collection in 2014!! You can check their other movies on their official channel. (

Room wears


PEACH JOHN has Kawaii room wear collection too! Good idea for girl’s pajama party at home♡

Ambitious for cosplay??

They sell sometimes funny items…you wanna try??


AMO’S STYLE is a lingerie shop by Triumph for Kawaii lover girls.

Triumph International is a multinational family-owned[1] underwear and lingerie manufacturer founded in 1886 in Heubach, Germany. It expanded into the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and others in the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Triumph experienced organized protests regarding working conditions in Burma, the Philippines and Thailand. It acquired the HOM brand in 1986 and the Valisère brand in 1990. It also operates the Bee Dees and sloggi brands. The company is one of the largest producers of bras and underwear, particularly in Japan and Germany.

Look at this pinkish lovely store!! You must visit and find the best ones for you!!


Stylish and Kawaii new lingerie shop

AMPHI is relatively new brand compared to other two shops above. AMPHI is a brand from Wacoal. So no worry about its quality.

Wacoal Corporation (株式会社ワコール Kabushiki-gaisha Wakōru) is a worldwide lingerie manufacturer and marketer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It is a subsidiary wholly owned by Wacoal Holdings Corporation (株式会社ワコールホールディングス Kabushiki-gaisha Wakōru Hōrudingusu).

Collaborated items with famous fashion models

Sometimes AMPHI has new items which design is developed with famous Japanese fashion models. This one is with Saeko.

This one is with Maomi Yuki.

Did you find your favorite shop?

So let’s go to the shop!!!!


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