Tired of McDonald's? Try MOS Burger for Japanese-esque burgers!

It's true that Japanese McDonald's is different than McDonald's in other countries and offers several menu items that you can't find anywhere else. But if you want to try another fast-food chain that is super delicious, try MOS Burger, a Japanese burger chain selling unique burgers!


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What is MOS Burger?


MOS Food Services, Inc. (株式会社モスフードサービス Kabushiki-kaisha Mosu Fūdo Sābisu), doing business as MOS Burger (モスバーガー Mosu bāgā?) (Japanese, "MOS" [mosɯ̥] or "Mountain Ocean Sun"), is a fast-food restaurant chain (fast-casual) that originated in Japan.

It is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald's Japan (an independent Japanese company), and owns numerous overseas outlets over East Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea and, until 2005, Hawaii. It is also the name of the standard hamburger offered by the restaurant, being its first product when it opened in 1972.


The MOS in MOS Burger stands for "Mountain, Ocean, Sun." When you go to MOS Burger, there are panels with illustrations of these aspects of nature. The creator of MOS Burger, Mr. Sakurada, wanted "Mountain" to mean "dignified and noble," "ocean" to mean "wide and vast" and "sun" to mean "vibrant and life-giving."

What are their unique burgers?


MOS Burger's iconic hamburger and cheeseburger is very special compared to the burgers of other chains. In addition to the patty, buns and cheese (if you ordered the cheesebuger), the burgers come with a thick slice of tomato, chopped onions, meat sauce, mayonnaise and mustard. The tomato and the meat sauce really add a fresh and unique taste to the burger.

There is also a fish burger, a teriyaki burger, spicy burgers, shrimp burgers, chicken burgers, burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of buns, and several special items that are limited offers. International chains might have a different menu as well. In addition to the burgers, MOS Burger also sells hot dogs, fried chicken, onion rings, chicken nuggets, salads, and more.

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The Rice Burger


The MOS Rice Burger is one of Japan's most unique fast food offerings and is known exclusively as a MOS Burger menu item.

The MOS Rice Burger uses a bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet.

Rice was first used as a bun in 1987, when the restaurant served the Tsukune Rice Burger, filled with ground chicken and daikon, and seasoned with soy sauce. The Tsukune Rice Burger is no longer on the menu in Japan.

The MOS Rice Burgers currently include the 'kaisen kakiage rice burger' ('fresh seafood shrimp fritter rice burger'), the 'kinpira rice burger' ('fried burdock and carrot rice burger'), and the 'buta shōga yaki rice burger' ('grilled pork and ginger rice burger'). There used to be a 'yakiniku rice burger' ('grilled strips of beef rice burger') (available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Brisbane Australia branches).

The MOS Rice Burger has been imitated by the Taiwanese division of McDonalds, where the rice bun was pan-seared, but it remains a MOS-exclusive item in Japan and other markets.



Is it only in Japan?


MOS Burger is also an international chain, with stores around Asia and also in Australia. Check if it's in your country, and if is, go try it! Otherwise, come to Japan to eat these delicious burgers!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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