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Going to depilation salons is becoming more and more usual in Japan. There are many of them, and every salon tries to get more customers through competitive prices and attractive ads.
This is a poster for Musee Platinum, which is the most popular depilation salon. They hired Reina Triendl for their ads because she is very popular among young girls.

Advertisements are everywhere.

Now we can find depilation salon ads everywhere. For example, there are ads like this on trains. This is a poster for Ginza Colors, promoting a student discount.

2. Eyelash extension

This technique has become very popular in the last three to five years. When in Japan, look at girls on the train; they may have very long eyelashes, like dolls.

Is the era of false eyelashes over?

Before eyelash extensions became so popular, girls who wanted to have longer eyelashes used falsies. Some girls still use them, but putting them on every day and taking them off at night…isn’t it annoying?

Maybe Kyary still uses false eyelashes, though.

Do you know this song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? It’s called “Tsukema Tsukeru,” which means “putting on false eyelashes.” She even has false eyelashes on her chest.

It stays long and looks natural.

If you go to a salon and get eyelash extensions, it will last around a month. Going to the salon monthly may sound expensive, but it may be better than putting on false eyelashes by yourself. Eyelash extensions also look more natural than falsies.

3. Gel nails

Girls built up the nail decorating culture in Japan. Now the most popular manicure is the gel manicure. Recently, keeping their nails colored naturally is very popular, even among guys.

How common are these tips?

Now, let’s see how common these tips are among Japanese girls using this girl as an example. Her style is a little boyish and rather casual. Can you tell if this girl made the effort to use these 3 tips? Look at her nails carefully. She has her nails painted white.

Look at her eyelashes. Very long. She might have had eyelash extensions, but they look quite natural. Though with depilation we’ll never know without asking her, but she took at least two of the tips!

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