This Tokyo Amusement Park Has a Forest Where You Can Track Down Pokemon

Yomiuriland, an amusement park in the suburbs of Tokyo, is getting a new, exciting Pokemon-themed area called “Pokemon Wonder,” where visitors can wander around a mysterious forest and experience the joy and thrill of spotting wild Pokemon hidden in the surrounding nature. Don’t miss the chance to experience a true Pokemon adventure!

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Become a Pokemon Researcher and Hunt for as Many Pokemon as You Can

Yomiuriland is opening its new Pokemon Wonder attraction, recreating the world of Pokemon in a vast 4,500㎡ space located behind the park property, where vegetation was left to grow wild for 20 years. By immersing yourself in this untouched natural area, you will be able to reconnect with nature and rediscover a sense of wonder and sensitivity to the beauty of nature through your quest for Pokemon.

Interacting with the natural surroundings proves fundamental if you want to succeed in your Pokemon hunt. As the hidden Pokemon are created from materials such as acorns and leaves, they are cleverly camouflaged in the lush forest and can be quite tricky to spot.

At Pokemon Wonder, Pokemon researchers have 90 minutes to explore the area with a maximum of 2 teams and 6 people in each group who can play at the same time. All visitors start their adventure welcomed as new members of the research team by Professor Kureso and Pikachu, who will hand you precious notes and clues to help you with your Pokemon hunt. 

The quest splits off into two different trails: the “Whispering Bamboo Forest” that will lead you into a lush bamboo grove, and the “Ancient Stone Walls” that will take you to an ancient-ruin setting. There are 50 different types of Pokemon in total ー including Digglet, Metapod, Oddish, and Omanyte ー that can be found in the area. Your task is to dive into nature, make your way through the vegetation, investigate the grass, the soil, even the water, and spot as many Pokemon as you can!

If you can’t wait to immerse yourself in this real-life Pokemon adventure, read more about Pokemon Wonder on the official website. This new Yomiuriland themed attraction will open on July 17, adding even more fun to your time in Japan! 


Thumbnail: PR Times via Pokemon Wonder 

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