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The Japan Museum is 7th in the world?!

This is the Ikeda City museum that was awarded a ranking of 7th in the world in 2012.

That ranking is…

“18 Strange Museums That I Want to See Before I Die”

This ranking was created by TripAdvisor. The “Pez Museum” in California was number one.

“The Instant Ramen Museum”

In fact, instant ramen originated in Ikeda City.


From JR Osaka Station / Hankyu Umeda Station to the Hankyu Ikeda Station Hankyu Takarazuka Line, it takes 20 minutes by Express and 25 minutes by normal train.

It’s about a five minute walk from the station. There are some signs near the station pointing the way, as well as station staff who can help you with directions.

Chicken Ramen Hiyoko-chan

The one on the left is the “Chicken Ramen” instant ramen character, Hiyoko-chan.
The right is Hiyoko-chan’s old design, and the left is the updated Hiyoko-chan revealed in 2010.
I feel that the cute culture of Japan is reflected with the new Hiyoko-chan having big eyes.

What can you see inside?

Come, let’s enter.

By the way, admission fee is.. free!
Despite ranking 7th in the world!!!!
It is really reasonable.

This museum was founded in honor of Ando Momofuku, the great inventor of the first instant noodles, for the following purposes.

1. You can research and invent even without excellent equipment. 2. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is also a museum for finding inspiration. 3. Never give up your dreams. 4. You can trace instant noodles back to this museum.

In the museum…

The History of Instant Ramen

Previous Instant Ramen Packs

Recreation of Where Instant Ramen Was Invented

You can learn more information about products like Cup Noodle.

Instant Ramen Invention Museum☆

Not only you can study, but also you can experience it!

After watching how instant ramen is made,

you will be able to make instant ramen yourself.
(Reservation and fee are required for this experience)

My original cup ramen souvenir!

You can put your favorite decorations on the Cup Noodle you made.

Finally, carefully pack the cup to avoid crushing it. You often see parents and children, couples, and tourists with this souvenir hanging off their shoulders.

A limited edition hand-made heart-shaped chicken ramen will likely be available during the 2014 Valentine’s Day season. It will also serve as a memento if you go as a couple. It sounds like fun!

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